Pickled eggs

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beers 5380 º places 178 º 14:07 Wed 4/5/2017

A big fan. Made my own a few times. A friend who lived next to southwestern arms in Southampton used to make some amazing pickled things for the pub, including hellfire eggs and amazing lime pickle, which work V well together with cheese dorritos

beers 5380 º places 178 º 14:08 Wed 4/5/2017

There were pickled eggs at gbbf this year. Quails eggs with celery salt were a revelation

beers 3300 º places 94 º 01:05 Thu 4/6/2017

Originally posted by SarkyNorthener
A lot of Fish and Chip shops in England have a large jar of them by the till. Despite eating frogs and snails in France, Rabbits bollocks in Malta and Burger King in Milton Keynes. I have never tried Pickled Eggs at the local chippie at the top of my road.

Oh aye nothing like pickled eggs with my reid pudding supper ..they were always pickled in malt vinegar in Scotland

beers 3300 º places 94 º 01:09 Thu 4/6/2017
beers 1279 º places 56 º 02:40 Sat 6/17/2017

I sometimes marinade eggs in sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar and water when making ramen, but only for like 4-12 hours. They go well with beer and make for a nice addition to roast pork sandwiches as well.

I don’t know if I’d give "real" pickled eggs a chance. I’d always have to think of Moe’s Tavern…

beers 22355 º places 839 º 03:39 Sat 6/17/2017

I always write in my reviews when a place has them. Basically, if I see them, I buy one. Great tradition - I love the malt vinegar ones with random additional spicing. Hot’s good, but not compulsory.

Served in a bag of Sex &Violence crisps, obviously.

beers 5995 º places 1041 º 06:35 Sat 6/17/2017

Pickled eggs are the devil’s ovaries.

beers 7838 º places 291 º 14:21 Sat 6/17/2017

Pickled eggs, hot sauce and beer, nice combination.

beers 1490 º places 272 º 15:19 Sat 6/17/2017

Originally posted by jjsint
Pickled eggs are the devil’s ovaries.

Have not seen them in a bar for a long time. Always was curious, but NEVER saw any of the locals or anyone else ever eat one and the jar looked like it came from when the bar opened decades earlier. Knowing pickling has preservative qualities did not make me want to try them.
Maybe if I see a chicken walk up and lay an egg in the jar....

beers 8003 º places 65 º 00:49 Sun 6/18/2017

pretty gross, but maybe a good call when putting down six beers without having a meal that day.