Pickled eggs

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beers 2345 º places 122 º 01:22 Sun 6/18/2017

I’m 45 and pretty well traveled and if I’ve seen them twice (or noticed), I’m lucky.

beers 9386 º places 345 º 02:03 Sun 6/18/2017

There was a pickled egg stall at last years Peterborough beer festival. The balsamic pickled quails eggs, and beetroot vinegar hens eggs stood out. All served with pipers salted crisps.

beers 7493 º places 53 º 02:12 Sun 6/18/2017

Pickled quail eggs sound awesome. Pickled egg stalls at beer festivals even better.

beers 7493 º places 53 º 02:17 Sun 6/18/2017

Originally posted by legion242
I’m 45 and pretty well traveled and if I’ve seen them twice (or noticed), I’m lucky.

haven’t been up north much, have ya?

beers 10999 º places 846 º 02:23 Sun 6/18/2017

Still around in some of my local bars and chip shops. Used to indulge but refrain from doing so now.


beers 104 º places 44 º 03:09 Sun 6/18/2017

Originally posted by DuffMan
A venerable old-school bar snack-- do you like pickled eggs or scroll past?

I actually love a good pickled egg, and I especially love when the proprietor adds a little tweak to make theirs something special. I cannot remember where it was, but I had pickled eggs with caraway seeds in the broth and it was absolutely fantastic (Amsterdam maybe?). Anyone make their own, and if you do, what makes your pickled eggs special?

It has to be purely a simple vinegar with some mustard seeds added. The yolk can not be too dried out though! But the ultimate bar egg snack has to be a well made Scotch Egg! I think I’ll do some pickled eggs for RBAG 2017.

beers 104 º places 44 º 03:11 Sun 6/18/2017

Originally posted by SarkyNorthener
A lot of Fish and Chip shops in England have a large jar of them by the till. Despite eating frogs and snails in France, Rabbits bollocks in Malta and Burger King in Milton Keynes. I have never tried Pickled Eggs at the local chippie at the top of my road.

And you call yourself a Northener??!!??

beers 3053 º places 94 º 03:20 Sun 6/18/2017

Dont see them much up here in Oregon but in my days in rural Georigia and Alabama they were in every gas station store..and just outside the boiled peanut stand

beers 19820 º places 1542 º 13:48 Sun 6/18/2017

Once took part in a pickled egg making competition at our local pub, mine won, but I did use ducks eggs and lots of spices. Absolutely love craft made pickled eggs, not so much the mass produced. The best way to eat them is to drop them into a packet of salted crisps.

beers 7422 º places 281 º 13:53 Sun 6/18/2017

Is crisps french fries or potato chips?

Is morning after flatulence or fragrance directly or inversely related to the amount of hot sauce, pickled egg(s) or/and beer consumption?