Pickles. Pickles. There, I said it twice.

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Originally posted by Cobra
I need some decent pickles. Not those under cured, hard as a rock, over spiced bastids either.
I want some decent Kosher pickles, maybe with some spicy peppers in them. I do not want anything even remotely linked to a dill pickle either. I canít stand dill pickles.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Cobra, have you ever had anything from these guys? They are at Eastern Market every Saturday and Sunday. I routinely buy pickles from them and they are always excellent. Good value for your money too.

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Go to your local farmers market. And bring your gun, it could get hairy.

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RB member Yobdoog has access to lots of yummy pickled products. Not sure if his dad makes them or the brine was just blessed by a direct descendant of Jesus Christ.

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Iím sure there are all kinds of great off the shelf pickles, but they are so easy to make at home. Buy pickling cukes (I get them at the farmerís market, and then at Asian stores when the market is done), dissolve salt in hot water. Cool. Add pickles, sliced garlic, mustard seed, crushed coriander seed, crushed black pepper (dill if you want that). Sit with a plate on top for a bit, then put in a sealed container in fridge. Theyíll be great the next day and even better as weeks pass.

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These are tasty: http://www.bubbies.com/ Available at Whole Foods if you have one nearby and donít mind stepping foot in it.

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Amazingly good. They even sell just the brine, which they recommend you use again after the pickles are gone. Very tasty.

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Brooklyn Brine makes great pickles. Also available @ Whole Foods.

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Trader Joes sells an above-average pickle.

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I just make them at home now. Can make them better than almost anything on the shelf and you can do tons of experimenting with habaneros, horseradish, garlic, etc. Plus they come out be about $2.50 a jar compared to $7-$9 for high end store bought.

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Yeah I am talking about artisan type pickles. I think they are something like $9 a pound at Whole Foods at their pickle bar and pickles are rather crappy in my opinion.