Pictures from RBESG 2013

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beers 7533 º places 558 º 04:06 Thu 7/4/2013

Perhaps it might be an idea for attendees who are Facebook users to tag themselves in the photos - itís not always easy to track down Facebbok accounts if you are not already friends.

beers 5686 º places 256 º 09:57 Thu 7/4/2013

Iím getting a íVaidation error occuredí error when I want to tag me in the photos... But you can tag me if you like; Iím

beers 6669 º places 244 º 10:41 Thu 7/4/2013

Nice pics Ruth & Ronnie. Thanks for sharing!

beers 4569 º places 205 º 11:39 Tue 7/23/2013

Fun times and good memories. Once again thanks everyone for being there and making it so nice!

(kinda missed this thread because of a festival straight after the RBESG, just happened to stumble over it now).