Pilsner Urquell Questions

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Originally posted by Gazza
Originally posted by JesseM
We started getting these new cans of PU from the LCBO here in Ontario recently, slightly different design and a slightly lower price than the cans we used to get.

Itís probably the stuff made in Poland. Which is even worse.

Hereís my bug. Itís NOT Plzen water in the brew, and yet the name they call it "Pilsner Urquell" translates to "Plzen Original Source." How can it still be íoriginalí if the ísourceí is not? Quelle even means water in German - this implies the water came out of the ground in Plzen, not Poland or Russia or a former East-bloc nuclear testing site. Itís stupid. Does the new can say íProduct of Poland" because I think it really should.

Iím quitting this beer, unless I see it in another form.

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