Please help unravel a Chimay mystery

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beers 21224 º places 832 º 15:29 Sun 11/9/2014

Recently, a 4.8% beer, named and labelled partly in greek, "Notias" in both the English and Greek alphabets, appeared in a local beer haven. Brewed in "6464 Forges, Belgium". Which says only one thing to me - Scourmont. I.e. Chimay. It’s not the Doree, also at 4.8%, as this is flavoured with Saffron.

Front and back labels here, including UPCs:
The commercial description in English and French thereon is just uninformative blah-blah-blah.

I’ll be having one in the next couple of days, it would be nice to have more info before enterring a new "Chimay" beer, if anyone can sniff anything out. (I googled for about half an hour and got nothing.)

15:59 Sun 11/9/2014

Company registered in Nivelles, contact person/company is Morfo Tenecetzis. No trace from handelsregister yet, so probably very early in the process for whatever that is.

To be continued I guess...

beers 6100 º places 110 º 16:36 Sun 11/9/2014

I found this

Long story short, some belgians were on holidays as every year in Tyros, Pelloponisos and they were looking for a way to help their local friends, because of the economic crisis in Greece. They managed to get the Chimay Abbey to fund saffron farms and after that they looked for a way to use all the saffron collected. They thought of a beer, because, belgians, and again with the support of the Chimay, which helped bottling the beer.

Don’t know if I can believe a story like that though.

beers 7240 º places 132 º 15:44 Mon 12/1/2014

Apparently it’s true - or at least, the bit about a Saffron beer being made (325 hl of it) at Chimay for the Greek market is. Here’s some information about it in French: