Pliny The Younger on eBay!

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beers 2868 º places 125 º 12:44 Tue 2/8/2011

And Vinnie and Natalie are not too happy about it.

Please don’t buy the bottle.

beers 2868 º places 125 º 12:45 Tue 2/8/2011

Originally posted by joet
So I was going to blog today and let you know how great this year’s release of Pliny the Younger is going! But the wind was taken out of our sails this morning when we learned there is a bottle of Younger on Ebay! That’s right- we do not bottle this beer and we sold no containers to-go. How can this be? Well, someone was in our pub and smuggled it out via growler or canteen (people were caught trying to do this) and bottled it, then shipped it to New York. In which case the beer in the bottle will absolutely suck. They probably drank out of the glass before pouring it into their makeshift to-go container, too- yuk!. Or, perhaps, the contents of this bottle are someone’s homebrew or not even beer! They did not even bother to make a label!

If you are a fan of Russian River and our craft brewing brethren, please help us put a stop to people selling beer illegally by not participating in any buying or selling activities of our products on Ebay. We work really hard to put the best beer we can in the bottle or keg, label it honestly, and get it to you, our valued consumers, through the proper legal channels. Did you know there were 2 bottles of the Framboise we made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Ebay for $400 each? Unbelievable!

If you would like to help me stop this person by turning them in, his/her seller information is:

Commack, New York

I was unable to cut and paste the link to the page but you can search for it- hopefully there is only one bottle! You can also contact the seller directly, if you care to share your feelings.

Other than that, everyone is having a really great time at the pub drinking Younger, watching the Superbowl, eating pizza and enjoying the California sunshine! We are starting to get the rest of the Younger out to our various markets this week. But whatever you do, please don’t buy it on Ebay!

i didn’t find it on ebay.

places 72 º 12:56 Tue 2/8/2011

Originally posted by ericandersnavy
i didn’t find it on ebay.

Not surprised. Something like this would be yanked pretty quick, once it is reported to eBay.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 12:56 Tue 2/8/2011

They already took it down. The seller should probably use a buy it now if he doesn’t want it pulled.

beers 3208 º places 116 º 13:03 Tue 2/8/2011

Is 2011 the Year of the Beer Douche? All signs point to yes.

beers 1731 º places 109 º 13:12 Tue 2/8/2011

People amaze me sometimes

beers 415 º places 32 º 13:16 Tue 2/8/2011

You should read a couple of the responses on BA regarding this. So much entitlement...

beers 7164 º places 10 º 13:18 Tue 2/8/2011

There are plenty of bad people in this hobby now..

But yes, over there it really is quite funny how some people are dubbing it Russian River’s fault..

beers 1592 º places 63 º 13:24 Tue 2/8/2011

Originally posted by FlssmrBrewAlum
is quite funny how some people are dubbing it Russian River’s fault..

People get mad when they can’t put DONGs in their mouths

beers 330 º places 1 º 13:25 Tue 2/8/2011

All I can think of is whale DONG!