portsmouth New Hampshire

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Swinging through here on thursday oct 4 in the afternoon before moving on to Maine the next day. Obviously going to visit the brewery. Can anyone suggest any other "cant miss" spots here and more importantly, can any locals suggest an affordable hotel within walking distance of the brewery?

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A while ago we stayed at the holiday inn - its further away but not too bad of a walk in decent weather.

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I was just there last weekend and stayed in the Hampton inn for a wedding, and it was around $200/night but needed a shuttle to downtown. I think all the hotels are going to be on the pricey side.

Definitely check out the Thirsty Moose on Congress, they had over 100 taps of craft beers - not really too sure about the first review in the RB Places because it doesn’t seem to be about the right bar. Portsmouth Brewery is overrated, although it’s the only brewery in town.

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Blue Lobster in Hampton, and then Ebenezers in Lovell Maine

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When Pigs Fly pizza spot in Kittery, ME ... 5 seconds from Portsmouth. Great tap list and the food is retahdid

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Stay at the Ale House Inn in downtown Portsmouth, use to be an old brewery. I stayed their on KTG day, nice spot. When Pigs Fly is a good suggestion for lunch/beer the next day on the way up. I would also consider driving across the bridge to Kittery for dinner at The Black Birch. Beer list is mos def outstanding. I’m going their tonight by the way. Food is awesome as well. Little pricey but worth it. Outside of that for the area of interest that’s about it, except for a new spot that just opened called Thirsty Moose. They have over 100 beers on tap. I can see this place trending for a more party atmosphere, instead of a knowledge based craft pouring house. But worth the stop to finish off the night. Enjoy Portsmouth, NH. Novarre Res is your "must stop" in Portland......

Thanks for all of the input folks. Will ha e to look into the ale house inn...sounds cool!

Originally posted by mikem409
Going to Maine are you???

Every year for a 4 day weekend at a friend’s cabin. Nice columbus day weekend tradition.

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When we visited in 2010, we stayed at the Sise Inn which was central and a very pleasant place.
However, the rates on their website seem to have taken a big hike. We certainly didn’t pay anything like the prices quoted. Mind you, it was in the low season and booked at the last minute so we may well have got a deal.

Originally posted by mikem409
who is this columbus you speak of

Most famous pillager ever. Duh.