Post your 2014 Founder’s KBS Release Goofy-ness here!

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16:02 Wed 4/2/2014

Post your crazy story about the 2014 release of Founders KBS here!

16:06 Wed 4/2/2014

My Michigan based store has such large demand, that we will be selling the KBS with a limit of only one bottle per person and expect the line (before we open) to be larger than the quantity allocated to us. (Saturday April 5, 2014, 9:00 AM)

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Nothing fun about it at all as a liquor store employee. People get stupidly pissed about beer, I’ll just leave it at that.

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KBS has jumped the shark............

16:29 Wed 4/2/2014


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I have no interest in it this year. I still have a couple from last year which are probably aren’t good any more.

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Originally posted by Chainnball

everyone and there mule grandma are after it how is that not jumping the shark?

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I love a brewery who sends their beer out of state and doesn’t try to meet the demand in state.

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Wow...wasn’t that many years ago you could buy it by the case...o well c’est la vie.

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We sold our 6 cases in five minutes. Nothing too eventful. Kind of sucks getting beers like this during delivery days as people crowd the beer room as soon as the truck shows up which makes it difficult to work. If you don’t release it when it shows up the people that took the day off to purchase a 4 pack of beer get angry. You can only please a small part of your customer base which is plenty annoying.

Kind of pointless all around. I purchased a bottle and shared with coworkers right when it came in. Better than last years, but it’s still just a bourbon infused imperial stout. Not sure why you’d line up for it.

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hey pepsi not sure what type of profit you get of rar releases like KBS but would it almost benefit you to just scroll past and not bother getting them in?