Post your 2014 Founder’s KBS Release Goofy-ness here!

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beers 2029 º places 251 º 16:24 Thu 4/3/2014

Originally posted by AdamJackson
Originally posted by barak316
Originally posted by AdamJackson
Funny thing is, he apologized to me, "Dude I’m sorry but the kegs are sixtels only. Do you still want it?"

and I’m not bragging here, just saying that it’s not that hard to get. Or maybe Vermont once again lucks out on beer releases? No clue.

Founders doesn’t use sixtels anymore. They purchased their own 1/4bbls and 1/2barrels. They stopped using them well over a year ago.

I apologize you’re right. I had to google it. I’m not a keg expert but what I have says 7.75 gallons and sixtel is 5, right?

Adam you can send me any KBS on the shelf you dont want :)

beers 5181 º places 276 º 16:57 Thu 4/3/2014

Mike, you’re in Michigan. Isn’t it just like everywhere? every water fountain in MI has KBS flowing?

beers 2029 º places 251 º 17:02 Thu 4/3/2014

Originally posted by AdamJackson
Mike, you’re in Michigan. Isn’t it just like everywhere? every water fountain in MI has KBS flowing?

Its a damn joke here I got my 2 four packs at founders all places around are doing 1-2 bottles and sold out instantly, im talking 2 hour waits.

beers 5181 º places 276 º 17:06 Thu 4/3/2014

Holy crap. I haven’t been following this thread, apologies but this sounds insane. Isn’t MI their core market? They’re doing like Goose Island and keep expanding to new states and the local stuff is drying up way faster. I’m sorry to hear that. Our best VT beers aren’t available outside of the state so I haven’t had that issue with vermont stuff.

as for the rivers of BCS and KBS kegs that we’re seeing, I have no idea why there are so many of them floating around Vermont. but i’m not complaining.

beers 3 º 19:17 Thu 4/3/2014

Phila is a joke for this one. I won’t slam your wife if you sell me a 4 pack..

places 1 º 21:32 Thu 4/3/2014

Originally posted by pepsican
Sounds like you don’t have a very big demand in that area.

They all pass the stores up en route to HF apparently.

beers 2710 º places 77 º 22:48 Thu 4/3/2014

There’s been one bottle limits at pretty much every store here in the KC area (I hear $5-6/ea.). To me that’s plenty goofy. But there’s more of it total here in town this year because Founder’s is on both sides of the state line now.

beers 1799 º places 63 º 22:58 Thu 4/3/2014

Beer releases like KBS make ashamed of the beer community. 8/10 people today had nothing but negative stuff to say about how my store handles these rare beers.

Newsflash it’s a fucking beer and 100 other people called/came in before you. If finding a rare beer is that important to you then I feel sorry for your family life. The whole hobby is getting gross and tiresome and I’ve seen it from many sides. We should all really be really ashamed of how immature we are when it come to limited beer.

Edit: And no I’m not going to tell you how my store handles releases because 8/10 of you are going to bitch and complain despite not being within a 10 hour driving distance of it anyway.

07:48 Fri 4/4/2014

Any one else having troubles in Indy? Indianapolis is becoming a frustrating place to get your hands on good beer. No one knows anything about KBS this year while my buddy in Ft Wayne took home 17 bottles on Tuesday.

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beers 9672 º places 121 º 08:21 Fri 4/4/2014

I show up to work today and there are already 2 people in line waiting on us to open at 11am. I explained to them that the truck hasn’t even showed up yet and it could arrive any time within the next 6 hours. All of this for 1 bottle.

I asked the 1st lady in line if she has ever had it, she said no. She took the day off work and her husband really wanted to try it. I can kind of understand how these new craft beer enthusiasts can succumb to the hype. Still, though..

While typing this I was interrupted by a guy calling asking about KBS