Posting length - a pet peeve or am I just showing my age and moaning about nothing?

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Originally posted by jimthechap
A very good day to you all,

I just wanted to get a bit of a feel from other raters about what they think is a suitable length for a beer post. So often I see raters accumulating ratings for the sake of racking up numbers and it made me think about a few things:
Why do we post? Is it for our own edification, so that we may have some record of our experiences; is it to share with the world our opinions on products; is it to offer brewers constructive opinion based feedback; or is it the competitive desire to rate more beers than other people? These are all laudable aims in their own way and they are all reasons that I take part in this wonderful forum.
My gripe is that we see ratings that extend to one or two shortish sentences that no-one can gain any benefit from other than the statisticians.
I recognise that the statistics are an important part of the site, but surely it isnít difficult for raters to take a little bit longer and dig a little deeper into their beer. Isnít that what the site seeks to promote - the greater appreciation of beer?
What do you think*?


*I realise also that by writing a novel in the forum that only people who write and read longer reviews are likely to read it and bother to respond. The system isnít perfect, but ah well, thatís what itís there for.

Good question. There are times where I am at festivals and I just have limited time to write down a few core characteristics of a beer. In aggregate, a few key words sometimes can still be helpful - there are times when I look up a beer and check out the most recent ten descriptions or so, looking for a common thread of perhaps just a couple of key characteristics. However, when I have more time, I try to get in more depth, and ratings that can describe in more depth will obviously be even more beneficial than just a couple of brief descriptors.

As for the reasons posting, itís primarily the first two for me (experience records and opinion sharing).

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Originally posted by DuffMan
I donít care what you think of my posts, Iím not writing them for you. I do care however, that we all have the freedom to review beers as we see fit: long or short, filled with shit or with life-changing information, in english or any other language that suits you as an individual. There will always be people who irritate other people-- thatís life! Some people donít like me using curse words in my ratings. I say fuck íem.

Less of the fucking swearing, thereís children watching.

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As kdm touches on - it depends on the situation Iím in and also who Iím with.

If Iím at home having a beer Iíll probably pen 5 or 6 lines as Iím usually entering direct to the site and am relaxing on my own.

If Iím at a festival then time is more precious and I may be stood up so notes will often drop to 3 or 4 lines.

The most constrained reports, perhaps 2 liners, will be when Iím with friends who arenít interested in beer, as I donít want to break off from conversation for 5 minutes to rate and review.

I make brief notes in my phone and I wouldnít even make out that I was rating a beer for fear of a bollocking from the other half!

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I prefer reading concise informative reviews rather than long winded wordy ones.

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My ratings coincide with a book of labels/ratings I keep. As there is not much room in the book for notes (five small lines), I keep it short and to the point.

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A rating will never always be good to me. I can look at the same rating a week from now and it wonít have what I want.

Sometimes I need to know what it is literally so Iíll look for reviews that describe the beerís amount of head and carbonation, etc. Nevermind what it is reminiscent of.

Sometimes I already have an idea (e.g., a style and the expectation that comes along with it) so I donít want descriptive ratings -- rather, I want to know how it has improved on a style and might have evolved it so I want an opinion not an objective report.

Sometimes I want a funny story otherwise the rating doesnít give me anything I already wouldnít know. There are so many different beers, but there are so many beers that are alike so how else is it different other than by looking at the ingredients?

Rate on, raters.

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I rate beers in such a way that when I look back at it, I will understand what I meant by it. I think the descriptions of others can be useful but if I donít understand what they meant then I just scroll to the next few. Like some previous posters said here...have fun and enjoy the beers. Its all helpful!

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To me, a beer rating, to be credible, must have a length between several Angstroms and a terameter. I make no exceptions for this rule, and the same rule applies to forum posts. Period.