Prague, Germany, Belgium, Italy itinerary - advice please

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beers 11516 º places 603 º 23:22 Sat 4/6/2013

A train ride from Nuremberg to Bamberg takes about 45 minutes…
Pilsen (Plzeň) is worth a one-day stay, there it all began (the production of the greatest Lagers in the world!).
When You are in the Czech Republic not o n l y for beer, You should not miss Česky Krumlov (Krumau), a very beautiful small town and btw. UNESCO heritage. Only one brewery, but many other things to see…
Try to get to Unětice (45 min by bus from Dejvická in Prague), there You’ll find a revitalized brewery with the presumably best Lagers in Bohemia (Bohemia means: the czech countries ;-) ).

beers 4 º places 179 º 04:26 Sun 4/7/2013

Stay in Prague for about 3 days, then to Munich via Pilsen (max 1 night), Munich 3 nights at the most, then Bamberg (3 nights at the very least, in fact even a whole week would not be enough, esp. if you also want to look around in some of the villages near B.). Then to Köln / Düsseldorf. Cologne is more intersting culturally, but I think Düsseldorf wins beerwise, but they are so close it does not really matter. All this by train.
On to Belgium, where some things can be done by train/bus, but car rental is prob. best for some of the more remote places.
And the Nürburgring - from Köln by car of course, although you can get there by public transport (train + bus).

beers 16 º 18:28 Sun 4/7/2013

Thanks Got, sounds like an easy walk there, maybe not so after a few beers :)

I thin I might drop Munich completely and go for 4 nights in Bamberg and 4 nights in Cologne which should give me time to check Düsseldorf and a trip out to Nürburg as well.

Anyone know Geneva well? Anything interesting worth checking out there in the way of beer?

beers 1271 º places 41 º 09:26 Mon 4/8/2013

The walk to DHVL is easy, even with a bunch of beer in you. If I remember correctly, it was just a single residential street. Walk up and make a turn at the grocery store, and DHVL is across the street from the grocery.

Train from Prague to Plzen is 5 Euro, and leaves every hour.

Train from Plzen to Bamberg is a little more complicated. I had to change in both Schwandorf and Nurnburg. Still, very easy. The ticket from Plzen to Bamberg is different, too. The cheapest is the Bayern-Boheim Ticket, which is only good for the day you choose when you buy it. You have to buy it from Deutsch Bahn, in Germany, I think. You may be able to buy it from DB in Prague.

I drove from Bamberg to Dusseldorf because it was cheaper than the train. It was an easy drive. Uerige in Dusseldorf is a good time. They just keep bringing the beer...

beers 4 º places 179 º 10:52 Mon 4/8/2013

Bayern-Böhmen ticket (Bavaria - Bohemia ticket) is a day ticket valid in parts of the Czech republic bordering on Bavaria and in the whole of Bav. itself, regional trains only. It can be bought in the Cz. rep. as well. Valid from Plzen (Pilsen) to the german border in this case (not Prague - Pilsen!).

beers 6 º places 2 º 00:43 Tue 4/9/2013

Another option is the express bus from Prague to Nürnberg operated by the Deutsche Bahn, about 3-3/4 hours. Keep Pilsen as a day trip from Prague?

beers 727 º places 167 º 01:32 Tue 4/9/2013

Prague I’d say 4 to 5 days would probably be enough, but the city is so good for beer now (I think 3 new brewpubs have opened since I was last there in November!) you’ll need plenty of time, plus there are plenty of things to look at too. Plzen I’d say do as a daytrip unless you want to do all the brewpubs - one is a long trolleybus ride out and you’d need a lot of time to do them all and look around the city (which is recommended).

Munich - I personally think it’s a beautiful city with terrible beer, 2 days maximum would do that. Do the train to Bamberg, you can get the Bayern Lander ticket which covers you for a day on all local trains and buses/trams, although if you’re just training Muc-Bam then buy a single ticket (check prices on which covers all of Europe if you want to check train times, it’s a great resource), likewise Bamberg to Koln is easiest on the ICE train. Bamberg is good for beer and a truly historic city, but unless you’re going to be cycling around the area I’d say 2 days is plenty for the city itself.

Koln to Dusseldorf is easy on the train, about one every 15 minutes and about an hour or less, both stations are quite central although in Dusseldorf taking a tram a few stops to the centre will get you closer to the brewpubs / taps.

beers 4996 º places 224 º 01:36 Tue 4/9/2013

Well, if you are in Europe already and feel like it, you could also join the RBESG (ratebeer European Summer Gathering) we’re organising 27 June - 1 July. More info to be found in this thread.

beers 1271 º places 41 º 06:38 Tue 4/9/2013

I rented my car from Sixt in Bamberg. It was a short walk from the center of town, and was pretty reasonable price-wise. You don’t need to drive, but if you really wanted to drive the Autobahn, this was pretty easy.

beers 88 º places 40 º 07:02 Tue 4/9/2013

I have been once to London for five days ( for four times up to now, but mostly for three days)and I thought before the trip that it will be okay, but the five days trip was just way too long

Off topic but, 5 days in London too long? are you out of your mind it takes years to see and do everything in a city that big even if beer is your only interest which I presume it isn’t.