Prairie Bomb! Deconstructed question

Reads 601 • Replies 3 • Started Wednesday, November 1, 2017 7:15:45 PM CT

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beers 2979 º places 37 º 19:15 Wed 11/1/2017

When I search for Prairie Bomb! Deconstructed I find 5 different beers. Are there really 5, or do the chocolate and cocoa ones need to be combined?

If cocoa and chocolate are different, can someone help me get the chocolate one?

beers 4230 º places 178 º 19:23 Wed 11/1/2017

To my knowledge there is only 4. A couple bars around here did tap takeovers with them and each time there was only 4. Also, I don't recall them being named double chocolate or cacao nibs. Just simply "chocolate"

beers 4594 º places 23 º 18:42 Thu 11/2/2017

So, I know the "Cocoa Nibs" one is mis-labeled. This one is advertised as being aged on cocoa nibs, but is just called "Chocolate". I've submitted a correction on this one.

However, I believe there was a double-chocolate version of Bomb!. I'm not sure if it was deconstructed or not, but I know it was a thing a couple of years ago, I believe.

beers 11905 º places 375 º 22:33 Thu 11/2/2017

I had 3 at Tin Bucket, one was only listed as Chocolate. Hmm. Anyone message Prairie?