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08:14 Wed 4/24/2013

Hey guys...

I was recently asked to work full time for a couple craft beer spots as a beer monger and "getter of everything badass in craft beer". As a guy in love with the industry, the offer is definitely in my wheel house. My question to you all is: how long can an establishment keep me employed with such a positiion? Not only would they be paying me a salary, but also all expenses incurred for acquiring beer. It seems as though the position can only run as long as great new beers keep coming out. Iím asking as to the viability of such a position for myself and the stores.

Thanks for your help.

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sounds awesome, Iís think of it more as a part time gig.. new beers are always coming out so i wouldnt worry about that

08:36 Wed 4/24/2013

I do it part time for one of places already. I was shocked when they asked me to do it full is it financially viable for them?

Thanks for your input man.

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As long as the bar/retailer can sell enough of the beer you acquire to cover the cost of you it makes perfect sense. for example of salary plus travel costs say ($50K), a bar would need to sell around 17000 bottles at $3 above cost to start seeing a profit on a per year basis..

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just ask them what their business case is for your new job

08:53 Wed 4/24/2013

That definitely puts this into perspective..thanks again.

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Iím confused. isnít this going around the 3 tier system? What state allows a bar to acquire bottles (Iím assuming youíre trading / buying bottles from out of state) and then sell them at a markup in the bar?

so letís say you get a case of some wine barrel aged saison from Oregon that retails there for $15 but you sell it for say $50 to cover costs, etc. is that allowed? or maybe Iím just confused what this job entails.

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Originally posted by devman171
just ask them what their business case is for your new job

this is good advice. you want to make sure, as one of the many parts of your process, that the position is viable. Youíre presumably going to be investing a period of your life in this.

And yeah, I would think such a position could be viable ongoing. New beers will always come out and new hot breweries are always coming out. Getting your hands on great beers is something that requires relationship-building and hustle. This is something the average retaielr canít afford, timewise.

08:56 Wed 4/24/2013

I did ask them...they are working on other venues as well and I would basically be traveling for those hard to finds and garnering relationships with breweries and event coordinators. They asked me how it could work out for both parties, hence the posting. I know it would be awesome for me, but I donít want them to shoot themsleves in the foot and then Iím out of a job in a few months.

Your previous post with the dollars and "sense" definitely helps.


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as long as nobody snitches... could be a new reality show like Moonshiners..

09:01 Wed 4/24/2013