Question about Bottle Conditioning a Beer

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Originally posted by Quasimodo
I said 4oz of priming sugar might not be enough because the bottling volume and storage temperature were unknown values. 4oz of corn sugar in a 5.5gal batch stored at 70F should yield 2.2 volumes of CO2 which is fine. It should produce a medium level of carbonation. You definitely don’t need to add more yeast. However, you intend to add Lindemans which complicates the equation quite a bit. I think it is pastuerized and back sweetened, so it may contain additional fermentables which would produce more CO2 in your beer, unless they use an artificial sweetener or lactose. When you consider this plus an unknown quantity of CO2 from the kriek will remain in your beer, it makes it difficult to determine the anticipated level of carbonation of your beer. It will be higher than 2.2, but how much higher is a mystery until you do it. Instead of adding a kriek, you might want to consider using pure cherry juice, letting it ferment for another week or two and then bottle it.

Actually, by adding in the kriek, you’ll drive off most of the excess CO2. The uptick in CO2 concentration is negligible. IIRC, Lindemans uses an artificial sweetener and is pasteurized, shouldn’t be any concerns re: fermentables. As to the yeast issue, that’s a matter of opinion. I’d personally recommend adding half a sachet of dried yeast, appropriately re-hydrated just for safety with a beer like this. It’ll never hurt.

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I said he doesn’t need to add yeast for a couple reasons: He doesn’t want to and I’ve never added yeast to bottle a high gravity beer and have never had a carbonation problem as a result. I do this mostly because I prefer to minimize the amount of yeast in the bottle without filtering.

beers 217 º 17:17 Thu 11/8/2012

I’m not convinced Lindemans Kriek doesn’t have any residual sugar after reading this:

beers 1826 º places 120 º 10:33 Sat 11/10/2012

Thanks for all the input folks! This gives me a lot to think about. . . . . .

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