Random beers tonight!

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beers 7777 º places 628 º 05:33 Sun 6/23/2013

A pleasant bottle of Hop Ruiter has just been consumed with some strong Cheddar, Olives and brown bread: bum Sunday lunch I know, but I’ll be eating a proper meal this evening (I hope).

I love La Trappe beers: their Oak Aged Quads are to die for, the regular one you sound like having is great too.


beers 4932 º places 141 º 14:25 Sun 6/23/2013

Yes its the regular one. I saw the Oak aged ones on the shelf but thought I would try the standard one first. Its a good beer but not on the same level as the Rochefort 10. I like beers out of Struise so that is next.

beers 7081 º places 28 º 15:36 Sun 6/23/2013

Stone Double Bastard from just over 2 years ago. Just right!

beers 4932 º places 141 º 15:44 Sun 6/23/2013

Haven’t seen that one around, I was going to buy the Stone Arrogant Bastard this week but went for the Stone IPA instead which was good. I am now drinking Struise St Amatus, excellent drink. I am now torn between going to sleep or having a Rochefort 6.

beers 7081 º places 28 º 16:29 Sun 6/23/2013

Double B is harsh fresh, but it really sings with 2-3 years of cellaring ... loving it. LOVING IT!!!

beers 19425 º places 37 º 09:28 Fri 6/28/2013

Right anyone else around this Friday evening or does everyone else have a life and are out doing something more interesting instead than sat in front of the TV watching baseball or in front of the laptop rating beers?

beers 19425 º places 37 º 09:32 Fri 6/28/2013

As a warm up at my local micropub


I had halves of

Tonbridge Rustic - excellent best bitter
Oakleaf Quercus Folium - ok
Medieval War of the Roses - sub par golden ale
Canterbury Ales Sauvin - needs more hops
Mad Cat - Meanys Platinum Blonde Ale must add this brewery to Ratebeer

Now I’ve a bottle of Moncada Notting Hill Stout

I have a Baltic porter, a couple of Ommegang beers and a 3F for later after my stir fry sweet chilli and ginger chicken dinner.

Like all other Moncada beers, the stout is solid.

beers 19425 º places 37 º 09:59 Fri 6/28/2013

Alright I’m putting The Police "So Lonely" on.

beers 20939 º places 1046 º 10:14 Fri 6/28/2013

Originally posted by harrisoni
Alright I’m putting The Police "So Lonely" on.

And sing together ... "Sue Lawley, Sue Lawley, Sue Lawley" ...

beers 19425 º places 37 º 10:56 Fri 6/28/2013

Time for a Baltic Porter brought back from Poland by a work colleague


Which is a little soy sauce and unsubtle. But it’s pretty good.