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My opinion, because you asked about trading tips, is to pick out what breweries you like the most. List them out and then find guys near those breweries to trade with you, setup some good relationships, trade with each person twice a year, build up boxes slowly over time for these people and youíll get to try most of what you want with little effort. My list of breweries I cover with my partners.

St. Arnold / Jester King
Bruery / Lost Abbey / alesmith
Russian River
All Portland Breweries
Three Floyds
Goose island / pipe works / revolution
Founders, Bells and other MI / grand rapids breweries
Crooked Stave

Iím probably missing a couple but overall, that keeps me pretty stocked on enough beer to drink consistently from my favorite breweries.

so instead of my cellar being world class, I just take whatever these guys want to send and I try to hook them up as well. It works out pretty well and it remains pretty stress free. I averaged 12 trades a month last year..doing about 5 a month so far this year to save money.

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while this is amazing info, I have most of these breweries in place now, and am assuming that the people I have traded with, are near these breweries. Solid advice and I will keep this in mind as I continue my quest for excellent brews


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Nice stash, Cleg. You might consider trading for a few cellar staples like the Firestone Walker Anniversary beers, Hair of the Dog, and BCBS variants.

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Enjoy beer and keep having a good time!

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Cheers Until Next Time!

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Originally posted by adnielsen
Cheers Until Next Time!

See You Next Tuesday!


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Note to self...trade with drowland...he seems cool

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Originally posted by Cleg
Note to self...trade with drowland...he seems cool

Well... A few of us like him, or he wouldnít have been member of the year... Not sure he needed to be that harsh with you, but it was Friday night and knowing Daniel-San, he was probably White Boy Wasted.

One thing I can say about cellaring beers is that in general itís a poor idea for any substantive length of time. And so is attracting attention to your cellar; although I donít think you intended to be arrogant, it can come across that way. Just share that shizzle, my nizzle.

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Sorry everyone, I was toasty.

The OPís cellar in fact reminds me of flowers and posies. Itís great!