RateBeer Best: The results are in!

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beers 2900 º places 125 º 14:38 Wed 1/27/2010

Thanks to all of you for sharing your opinion and for making this happen. Thanks to all the admins that chipped in to refine the data to a pearly shine. And thanks to all those in the craft beer industry whose inspiration, hard work and technical skills provide us with a focus for our deep enthusiasm and appreciation.

Check it!

beers 1284 º places 5 º 14:44 Wed 1/27/2010

The link doesn´t work here or on the front page. I keep ending on my own account.

beers 4251 º places 20 º 14:44 Wed 1/27/2010

The link takes me to my profile. Does that mean that I am RateBeer’s best.

beers 2900 º places 125 º 14:48 Wed 1/27/2010

That’s funny. the admins were getting in just fine. :-)

OK, I’ve unblocked for non-admins.


beers 2444 º places 19 º 14:53 Wed 1/27/2010

Congratulations Menno (de Molen)!! !!!! !!!! !!!!

beers 3502 º places 33 º 15:41 Wed 1/27/2010

Oh my gawsh! Please tell me there are some imperial stouts on there! Please let there be some imperial stouts!

beers 371 º places 11 º 15:58 Wed 1/27/2010

44 Imperial Stouts in the Top 100 Beers Overall.


beers 371 º places 11 º 15:59 Wed 1/27/2010

Where da stats at, man?? I need nebulous numbers next to the gigantic lists!

beers 4705 º places 276 º 16:00 Wed 1/27/2010

Some "under the radar" stuff for me on there:

American Amber/ Pale
4 Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Dark Lager
1 Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager (I had list interest in Rogue a while ago but should check this out).

Congrads to CC for almost sweeping Brown ales.

beers 371 º places 11 º 16:02 Wed 1/27/2010

Wow, those Italians sure love their Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà.

And some outsiders really like it too.

beers 1030 º places 13 º 16:10 Wed 1/27/2010

cigar city owns