Ratebeer gathering?

Reads 1775 • Replies 11 • Started Wednesday, November 9, 2011 5:50:21 PM CT

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beers 1251 º 17:50 Wed 11/9/2011

I am about an hour north. Are there ever any ratebeer tastings in the area? If not it would be cool to do a meet and drink.
Whatcha think?

Cheers, Wes

beers 11708 º places 372 º 17:59 Wed 11/9/2011

I would be up for one - haven’t really said much since I’ve moved here. Wouldn’t mind a gathering. At the very least, we could try to meet at a tasting at The Keg in Clarksville.

Sweet! I will do my best to be there.

beers 1251 º 08:19 Sat 11/12/2011

When’s the next tasting?

beers 11708 º places 372 º 15:40 Sat 11/12/2011

December 1st - don’t know how great Thursday nights are for everyone.

beers 1251 º 14:46 Sun 11/13/2011

Thursday’s are not the best for me but I could try.

beers 2097 º places 153 º 15:59 Sun 11/13/2011

I could probably make that twerk, but where?

beers 11708 º places 372 º 16:03 Sun 11/13/2011
beers 2097 º places 153 º 06:49 Thu 11/17/2011

Ah! I planned on being there anyway.

beers 325 º places 13 º 07:11 Thu 12/8/2011

Man, I need to get on here more often. We’ve also got a beer tasting at our new location in New Albany on December 16th from 5 - 7 (or 8 depending on the crowd) with Sun King Brewing Company. They are launching their Wee Muckle Scotch Ale that week, and will be down for a tasting that night. Here is the link to the store here on Ratebeer: http://www.ratebeer.com/Places/ShowPlace.asp?PlaceID=23485

beers 11708 º places 372 º 16:42 Thu 12/8/2011

Good - wanted to check out the new store anyway.