RateBeer Investment Announcement!

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I think that the "investment" was a horrible decision, and will/has hurt the site.

I also think that people who are worried about their premium membership dues going to ABI are misguided and mathematically challenged. How many premium members are there in the first place?

The fact that is was leaked from two ABI related sources is highly suspect.

The question of whether JoeT now has ABI stock is completely fair too.

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Originally posted by Ibrew2or3
Originally posted by Clownoisseur
As I continue to gather my thoughts, here is a link to the ZX Ventures home page....the "Intelligence" and "Access" blurbs have me thinking the most: https://zx-ventures.com/

"Underpinning everything we do is data. In order to create the future we need to understand what has (and hasnít worked) in the past. We are hopelessly dedicated to mining insights and innovation using the latest technology and trends available. The more we know about our consumers and products, the better chance we have of anticipating their needs in the future."

"Despite being a nimble global start-up, we have access to the resources, logistics, distribution, media, business intelligence and technology of the fifth-largest consumer packaged goods company in the world with a formidable presence on every inhabitable continent. This allows us unparalleled access to the research, technology, manpower, and distribution networks to test and validate our hypotheses with speed and voracity. We also partner with the best start-ups, thinkers, designers, engineers, and technologists and work together to launch small ideas in very big ways."

So are they finally going to make a good IPA or does all of this still point them in the direction of hopless pale lagers

Look out for Budweiser Hotte Golde soon

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I was curious about how much Joeís net worth has increased in the last year; heís not going to tell us.

Regardless, Iím not going to fault him for making this business decision. He did what he felt was right from his relative point of view.

All I use RB for is a place to store & retrieve my personal thoughts about the beers I try and to make sure I donít buy beers Iíve already tasted, unless their great. I hope that continues. My ratings are useless to anybody else who reads them and I donít care about that.

If some profit seeking corporation thinks theyíre going to make a positive business decision using the info in my ratings, theyíre making a big mistake.

Although I have made many friends here, I donít particularly like the personal insults handily delivered by others in the forums.

They find humor in their belligerent íI know more about beer and the industry than youí self gathered confirmation bias knowledge.

Many of these ratebeerians claim that others should be tolerant but donít practice what they preach.

Some of the stuff I see in the forums, especially about this deal, is reminiscent of the gooey blabbering íIím rightí bullshit so common in useless facebook posts.

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Will this affect the weekly newsletter? The monthly? (Steering members towards certain brands?)

How about the ratebeer advertisements?

I know itís really none of my business, but I canít help but wonder what other companies were interested in investing/partnership? Why was AB-InBev the best choice?

Just a few of the things I am curious about......

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You guys have damaged your credibility.

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Originally posted by DAJTX
You guys have damaged your credibility.

Why? Did something happen?

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Originally posted by DAJTX
You guys have damaged your credibility.

Why what have i done?

Originally posted by DuffMan
Originally posted by DAJTX
You guys have damaged your credibility.

Why? Did something happen?

I think another tiny parasite appeared.

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Originally posted by DAJTX
You guys have damaged your credibility.

Jokes on you, I never had any credibility to begin with.

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Originally posted by blipp
Originally posted by DAJTX
You guys have damaged your cred.

Jokes on you, I never had any cred to begin with.

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