Ratebeer iPhone App - Beer Buddy 2.5.2 Released

Reads 3927 • Replies 29 • Started Friday, October 26, 2012 6:28:18 PM CT

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beers 10017 º places 672 º 12:23 Sun 10/28/2012

Can you no longer rate in landscape? Seems to not work anymore

beers 2957 º places 88 º 18:38 Mon 10/29/2012

beer mail, (null) whats up with that?

beers 3532 º places 65 º 19:40 Mon 10/29/2012

Originally posted by sloth
beer mail, (null) whats up with that?

I get the same thing

beers 6115 º 09:04 Fri 11/9/2012

It crashes on iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.1

beers 1358 º places 18 º 12:52 Fri 11/9/2012

Yup, still have the mail issue.

beers 991 º places 29 º 12:57 Fri 11/9/2012

Originally posted by GT2
Can you no longer rate in landscape? Seems to not work anymore


beers 9510 º places 1140 º 13:02 Fri 11/9/2012

Sorry for my obtuseness, but how does Beer Buddy for Iphone relate to RateBeer for Android?

beers 2675 º places 111 º 13:17 Fri 11/9/2012

It does not.

beers 5897 º places 341 º 14:25 Tue 11/20/2012

I love RateBeer on my HTC, and now have an iPhone 5 (for my work) and am going to have to get used to Beer Buddy...

beers 571 º places 4 º 19:56 Tue 11/20/2012

I just "upgraded" to the full app and now everything crashes. Worked for my first review and now seems unusable.