RateBeer Summer Gathering 2014: Proposals and Voting

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Greetings RateBeer Members,

The proposal submission deadline has and come and gone.

Two proposals were received from reputable RateBeer Members and a site vote will proceed as it has in the past to choose the official RateBeer Summer Gathering site.

This yearís voting requirements are as follows:

1. Site Member For 1 Year From Beginning of Vote (March 31st, 2013)
2. Premium Member

All votes must be submitted in the following manner:

1. Votes must be in the form of a BeerMail message to user RBGAdmin

2. Messages must be formatted as follows:

Title: RBWG14 Vote
Body Line 1: Link To Your Profile
Body Line 2: Your Email Address
Body Line 3: Your Zip Code (US) or Postal Code (Other)
Body Line 4: Your Vote (City Name - Seattle or St. Louis)

3. Failure to follow this format OR if this information DOES NOT match the information in your RateBeer profile, will cause your vote to be discarded. Information may be confirmed via email or IPs traced to ensure accurate information is being given.

Voting Opens NOW and will continue on until Saturday, April 5th @ 12 AM PST (3 AM Eastern). Timestamps will be used if necessary. Voting will be tracked via Admin and a private spreadsheet to allow for full transparency.

And now, the proposals (In the order with which they were submitted) which I have uploaded to Google Drive to allow for the best format possible to share, read, and allow people access to anywhere. If you have any problems accessing these links, do not hesitate to let me know.

RateBeer Summer Gathering Submissions:

Seattle, Washington

St. Louis, Missouri

Good luck to both groups offering proposals.



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Follow Up:

This thread will be pinned but not frozen. Any excessive cheerleading by submission groups or friendly groups will be deleted and possibly cause the thread to be frozen.

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Iím an Admin 6

beers 7164 º places 10 º 07:17 Mon 3/31/2014

And editing the main post is gonna be a disaster.. so letís just get the joke out of the way now that my vote format portion still says "RBWG".

If you submit it with RBWG or RBSG.. thatís fine. Iím dumb. Carry on.

places 20 º 07:27 Mon 3/31/2014

Originally posted by TheAlum
Iím dumb. Carry on.

beers 16401 º places 1352 º 08:25 Mon 3/31/2014

Holy crap, Peter, Will, and Keir. That is an exceedingly thorough proposal. Well done.

beers 907 º 08:38 Mon 3/31/2014

Holy fucking fuck. Is STL (MO) killing it? I think so!

beers 2447 º places 57 º 08:39 Mon 3/31/2014

I like the August dates for Seattle but their grand tasting is only three hours from 12noon to 3pm? Seems kinda short and awkward to me. Can we get a double-check on this?

places 20 º 09:03 Mon 3/31/2014

Originally posted by MatSciGuy
Holy fucking fuck. Is STL (MO) killing it? I think so!

beers 16137 º places 488 º 09:18 Mon 3/31/2014

I put down three emails in my vote because I canít remember which one I signed up as on the site. Is that okay?

beers 10012 º places 557 º 09:40 Mon 3/31/2014

If you go to "Edit Profile" you can see which email and zip code youíre registered under, to either change or confirm.