RateBeer Summer Gathering 2014: Proposals and Voting

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We had to negotiate that price with one of the Schlafly owners and it covers everything. Whomever attends (if you haven't been to Schlafy Tap Room AND if we win) is going to love the venue. Big room on the second floor, separate bathrooms, a balcony....

This was a lot of work over the past six months.

beers 16831 º places 513 º 10:50 Tue 4/1/2014

St. Louis price is crazy good for what you are getting.

beers 4033 º places 259 º 11:46 Tue 4/1/2014

Originally posted by jcwattsrugger
You really know how to try to squeeze 2 nickels together. When I helped on the last 2 winter gatherings you asked about the same things. The GT was NOT free for either of them as your above post implies.

Hope to see you in StL as its closer for you than the RBWG you did make at least part of.

Didn't mean to imply anything, was just asking questions. The spread in Jacksonville's Grand Tasting was great and kudos to those that set it up.

beers 2052 º places 169 º 18:15 Tue 4/1/2014

Voted for STL, chances are increasing I can make it!

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Originally posted by TheHOFF43
Voted for STL, chances are increasing I can make it!

Ditch that wedding. You don't even like BBQ!

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voted for August mostly because I've been looking for something to do in August and I already have plans to lege the midwest in June.

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I basically have a two week vacation planned if this ends up being St. Louis.

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I can't make it as far as Seattle, and I can't make it as soon as St. Louis. I'm sad.

04:32 Wed 4/2/2014

All votes through Wednesday morning are accounted for and responded to.

Thank you.

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Originally posted by pepsican
Plenty of free bottle shares back at the hotel room at either gathering I'm sure. JMagnus may even cake you off with a few rhinelander shorties if you're lucky.

Oh yes, rhinelander beer for all...as long as I can make the trek. If it is in St. Louis, I'll have to remember to stock up on Stag while I'm down there too.