RateBeer Winter Gathering 2017: Request for Proposals

Reads 8940 • Replies 94 • Started Wednesday, September 6, 2017 12:50:07 PM CT

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beers 17179 º places 1412 º 12:50 Wed 9/6/2017

See the initial discussion thread here: https://www.ratebeer.com/forums/do-i-dare-rbwg_297798.htm

Here is the timeline for submittals and voting:

Sunday October 15, 2017: Submit proposals
Monday October 16 - Monday October 23, 2017: Voting
Tuesday October 24, 2017: Winning bid announced

Proposals must be uploaded to an online hosting service and made viewable to anyone with the link, preferably Google Docs/Drive, and a link sent by email to [email protected] prior to 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Sunday October 15, 2017.

On Monday October 16, 2017, a thread will be posted for everyone to review the proposals and begin to placing votes. Specifics on voting will be provided at the time the thread is created, but the process will be similar to previous years/gatherings.


beers 17179 º places 1412 º 13:09 Wed 9/6/2017

Just to summarize the places that have been thrown around in any sort of fashion from the previous thread:

Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
New Orleans, LA
Phoenix, AZ
Richmond, VA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Tampa, FL
Tucson, AZ

Some are unlikely due to lack of local presence (e.g., Atlanta), but left them on the list anyway.

beers 20849 º places 554 º 17:19 Wed 9/6/2017

Let's go Richmond! That's probably the only one I could make right now. Off chance I could make Minneapolis/St. Paul.

beers 13634 º places 243 º 23:01 Wed 9/6/2017

I am exited to see the proposals. Now that I know how much work goes into a gathering. Good luck folks

beers 10651 º places 821 º 03:47 Thu 9/7/2017

They all sound like they could be great cities for it, but I'm holding out hope for Richmond, or someplace else less than 8 hours driving from me.

beers 2045 º places 169 º 07:26 Thu 9/7/2017

Man...one of those things is not like the other.

beers 2068 º places 38 º 08:36 Thu 9/7/2017

Iowa City proposal is forthcoming

beers 10772 º places 420 º 11:14 Thu 9/7/2017

Originally posted by MacBoost
Iowa City proposal is forthcoming


beers 17668 º places 1046 º 15:14 Fri 9/8/2017

Minneapolis or RVA please!

beers 6644 º places 35 º 16:43 Fri 9/8/2017

I'd be down for Richmond fo sho.

beers 17668 º places 1046 º 12:22 Sat 9/9/2017

Lots of people like the RIchmond idea, but it would have to be planned by out of towners. I'm now 1000 miles away, not 60. Tia, Kinz and Butters are there (all awesome people) but they have busy lives. Good idea, and I'll plan one if I'm ever back there, but it looks like this is not the year.

DC on the other hand...