Ratebeer winter gathering kickoff thread

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Originally posted by Terminus
yea i am brewing up an Albuquerque/Santa fe proposal soon!!!!


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Get R done!

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Fire it up!!

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Met up with the owner of Kickbacks today and he said the words "whatever you need." Currently that’s slotted as Thursday night welcome dinner for the Jax proposal.

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I was about to suggest Asheville, NC, but Drowland has made such a compelling case for a city so much closer to me, that I have to acquiesce.

Word is that Drowland will be showing his tatoo, if the gathering is held in JAX. He did not mention River City brewpub, which is worthless, but can add 6 beers to your ratings.


I went by Proof today, but they didn’t open until 5. Looks like they’re looking for help. Put in a good word for me, I may give them a pitch for weekends.

Originally posted by drowland
Just throwing it out there that Jacksonville, FL and people with Jacksonville connections are in fact going to put together a proposal.

Obviously nothing is official yet, but after a few talks with people, we have pre-lim ideas for Thurs night-Saturday. It will hopefully and ideally involve dinners, tastings, a bus tour, beach time, special one-offs, and of course - THE GRAND TASTING!

Stevo - we’re planning on March if that helps. We can’t nail down a date for sure without more talking with the breweries, etc.

...and you had better be there! It was great chatting with you in Texas!

We have connections with and plan to include:

Bold City
Brewer’s Pizza/Pinglehead
Green Room
Engine 15
Seven Bridges
Aardwolf (not yet open)

...and probably more!


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^Hahaha! Awesome post!

River City, Karibrew, and a couple St. Augustine breweries are mentioned in our proposal as "other potential points of interest," but are not included in our tour/plans/etc.

Also, a certain someone made it known to me that he has local connections to make sure there is plenty of awesome cheese...

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And Mark, I’m happy to put in a good word at Proof, but have you ever been there on a Saturday night...

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Got another confirmation today!

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Ok, we’ve never had to put this to a vote before. So we’re going to have to do that.

This means that I need to know who’s in the running. Let me know by the end of the day on the 7th if you are putting in a bid.

Also, I’ll need to see the proposals. Is the end of the weekend a reasonable deadline?

We’ll try to make sure those are posted when the voting starts so people can look at them. Expect voting starting next week.

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I am in for a Jacksonville proposal, with the help of jcwattsrugger, and some thoughts and suggestions from GT2 as well.

The end of the week is reasonable for us.