Ratebeer winter gathering kickoff thread

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Originally posted by Terminus
My vote for this year is St Louis-the town is going through a massive beer revolution. Go figure, it started to happen right after i left there in 2009! even though its a little more north, the weather isnt all that cold.

Runner up cities:

Dallas/Ft Worth

I could help with this. Have had some explosions of breweries within the last few months with even more to come. Just to name a few:

Deep Ellum
Revolver Brewing
4 Corners (should be open by then)
Martin House

I bet we could through a gooden in North Tejas!

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Did Texas last year, though?

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Las Vegas in February?

Not fucken bad.

Originally posted by drowland
Did Texas last year, though?

Sure did...did you have a question?

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Originally posted by cquiroga
Las Vegas in February?

Not fucken bad.

I was also thinking Vegas or maybe New Orleans, but is there really enough craft beer to warrant a gathering in either of those places?

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STL, Grand Rapids, and Anchorage all seem like they would offer escalating degrees of cold for a WINTER gathering.

Since Texas hosted last year that seems unfair. I could see rotating back to Florida since they started the winter gatherings, but what would people think about Atlanta or maybe Sante Fe/Albuquerque?

Is there anyone there that would be willing to put a bid together and organize it for either of those places? In the end, thatís really what it comes down to for any of the locations.

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Iowa City. Plenty enough Coronas here for everybody.

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Originally posted by Beerman6686
Originally posted by Unclerudy
I vote grand rapids, at the same time as the Michigan winter beer festival.



I would think the point ot a Winter gathering is to embrace the cold, not run from it, Man up!

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How about Portland?