Rating 3141

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beers 6264 º places 35 º 14:32 Sat 5/4/2013

Good stuff, wasnít expecting a vid for that one.

beers 470 º places 10 º 15:17 Sat 5/4/2013

Congrats! Thatís a big number of ratings.

beers 6264 º places 35 º 17:20 Sat 5/4/2013

Thanks, cool unexpected video on that one. Beyond appropriate and I suppose if we all keep rating ratebeer can use it again and again and again etc.

beers 11049 º places 464 º 17:50 Sat 5/4/2013

The video for 7000 isnít working if the mods arenít aware.

The 211 video was a surprise, for me. I posted the rating and then went back to working and nearly fell out of my chair when the audio kicked in, thanks to having the receiver turned up too high.