RB UK summer event of sorts ...

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Have moved this out of the RBESG thread to avoid confusion and keep it on topic.

Not a bid or a rival to RBESG, or indeed an official voted for type of event - simply something I put the feelers out for and a few of the UK crew are coming on, but if anyone wants to have a beery weekend in England I am organising this event the weekend following the proposed RBESG event and all would be welcome. A good way for overseas raters to meet up with a bunch of the UK crew and experience some English pubs a little off the beaten track when compared to a typical trip to the UK.



Not sure if there are any other events on in the UK around this weekend - the list of beer festivals on the CAMRA site presently runs until the end of June.

If folks are staying in London its a near permanent beer fest these days and I and (Im sure others) would be up for a meet or a tasting.



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