RB user chriso smashes through 21k+!!!

Reads 1529 • Replies 24 • Started Friday, October 27, 2017 3:00:26 AM CT

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beers 33416 º places 238 º 05:31 Fri 10/27/2017

Congratulations Chris! Ironic that one of our most experienced and knowledgeable Ratebeerians has 'not qualified' all over his ticks.

beers 5547 º places 968 º 05:44 Fri 10/27/2017

Congratulations! An impressive number of rates from a top RateBeerian. Looking for more to come.

beers 1009 º places 1887 º 06:09 Fri 10/27/2017

Great work Chriso! Been a pleasure to share a few of those with you

beers 23679 º places 68 º 06:50 Fri 10/27/2017

well done Chris. thanks for almost knocking me out of the Top 20 at last.

beers 11074 º places 356 º 06:56 Fri 10/27/2017

Congrats and cheers

beers 13417 º places 856 º 07:05 Fri 10/27/2017


beers 11460 º places 866 º 07:06 Fri 10/27/2017

I wonder what the eventual total will actually be, once you really start adding your backlog!

Cheers Chris, we've only shared a few: one day I'll make one of your legendary tastings.


beers 5290 º places 59 º 07:30 Fri 10/27/2017


beers 5516 º places 401 º 07:48 Fri 10/27/2017

Wow, well done chriso! i´ve got only 98 more ratings last night, still i´ve got much to learn!

BTW: i hope this gets solved soon. Two days ago i had zero private ratings. Now i´m at 99 (the first one i got was a tick just to remember one beer i´m gonna have)

beers 9952 º places 365 º 07:49 Fri 10/27/2017