RB user chriso smashes through 21k+!!!

Reads 1523 • Replies 24 • Started Friday, October 27, 2017 3:00:26 AM CT

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beers 2898 º places 125 º 08:14 Fri 10/27/2017

Congrats, Chris! Cheers!

beers 23237 º places 495 º 10:04 Fri 10/27/2017

From top raters list I noticed that a tick is nowadays = rating on Ratebeer.
Edit: Ah, fonefan's ticks are not ratings but Chris's are ... confusing!

beers 7120 º places 260 º 20:48 Fri 10/27/2017


Heh, nice work Chris! Happy to have shared a few with you!

beers 14093 º places 1487 º 01:48 Sat 10/28/2017

Well done Chris, great to see you up there.

Btw nice to see see Maieb shoot back into the top 100 as well.