RBAG 2013?

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beers 85 º places 44 º 10:19 Mon 4/29/2013

Same here; not editable.

beers 1675 º places 40 º 10:20 Mon 4/29/2013

Maybe I was in it. BECAUSE - I just added a tab for "Potential Beer Haul"

I am using that to track the beers I plan on bringing. It will serve to motivate others to attend. It is already making me thirsty.

Cautionary note, it is preliminary and may be subject to big changes. Some of these bottles I may drink or fail to get by then. But these are fairly locked down by trades already.

If you want to edit the spreadsheet and it doesn't work, BeerMail me your email address and I'll specifically add you.

beers 85 º places 44 º 10:21 Mon 4/29/2013

Same here, can't edit. But as it is the last 3 weekends of June are a no go for me...darned trip to Europe and the EBGA Cask Day on 29th June, and first 2 weekends of July as I'm in Seattle.

EDIT: Google Doc working now. Cheers, Graham.

beers 1675 º places 40 º 10:28 Mon 4/29/2013

Cheers! I went full nerd and a formula will now tell us what weekends work best along with how many beers should be on hand.

Can you tell it is a slow day at the office?

beers 10549 º places 339 º 10:30 Mon 4/29/2013

Yay! It's working!

Kinda freaky that I can see you changing shit while I'm in there!

I threw 50 beers in there, but really it will be at least double that to choose from. Obviously I won't transport them all, but if the event is at my place again, then they will ALL be up for sharing!

I put in my "best" week as well, because both my kids are in summer camp that week.

beers 1675 º places 40 º 10:35 Mon 4/29/2013

Sweet - I gave preference to the week that works best for you - a perk of hosting.

The beers being brought it set up to automatically count anything you add to the "Potential Beer Haul" tab. Like I said, FULL NERD.

But if you overwrite it with a number that will work too. After last time - I don't think anyone has any doubts you will have plenty of gooders on hand. Not to mention, I love surprises!

beers 10549 º places 339 º 10:57 Mon 4/29/2013

So if I understand correctly, instead of putting the number 50 in my "Potential Beer Haul" column, I can just list the names of the brews and it will keep a running tab? Or should I list potential brews elsewhere? Or just forget that part for now?

beers 1675 º places 40 º 12:49 Mon 4/29/2013

Whatever you want! But if you do a running tab on the Potential Beer Haul tab it will automatically update the schedule tab to show the total number of beers.

I added an example for you.

beers 1019 º places 2 º 13:52 Mon 4/29/2013

Well this sounds awesome. I am new to this but likely in. I have plenty o goodies stashed away in the cellar.

beers 1675 º places 40 º 14:14 Mon 4/29/2013

Hi kbudd19! It is going to be awesome. Feel free to open at the google doc and add your availability/beer roster. Look forward to meeting you!