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What were the best beers of the event?
Particularly interested to know about local beers...

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Originally posted by fiulijn
What were the best beers of the event?
Particularly interested to know about local beers...

I’m not sure we can all agree which local beer was the best. For example, my favorite pale was the Zamocké Svetlé 12°, and the dark probably the Bratislavský Bubák 12° Tmavé, but Patrónsky and Richtar Jakub might’ve been the best when everything was balanced out, RJ being THE place to go for beer in the town.

I’m quite sure that I gave only one local beer under 3 and that was the Pressburg Smrekové that I didn’t mind either, despite some people hating it.

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Big thanks to everyone for making such a perfect, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and of course the beers! It was my first event of this kind, so a valuable experience. You can not find these (beers nor tastings) anywhere around. So thank you again!

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Was a great event guys! Finally arrived home at 00.30, after a 4 hour delay because of a broken exhaust in the Czech republic . Man that sucked, it broke after only 1 hour of driving. Tells something about my car combined with Czech roads.. And they didn’t fix it properly, so I have to have it fixed again today. Had a lot of fun at the gathering, even though my stomach felt more like ice tea and Birrell on the second day. Patronsky had some nice beers, the svetly 12 from Zamocky was good indeed, as were the Bratislavsky beers, except for the eggfart smell at first the waitresses there more than made up for it though Thanks again for organising this whole thing Imro, great job, and thanks Peter for all the assistance!

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The next RBESG special has to be an ice tea beer.

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Originally posted by Cuso

Who is the guy with the Summoning - Minas Morgul T-Shirt ?
Great album. My respects

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That would be me ... not altogether sober . Great album indeed!

Awesome event, thanks again Imro!

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sound like it was great. Even though i wasnt there. Huge cheers to the Organisers.

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Phew, got all my ratings of beers and places online I belive. :) Thanks a lot indeed for the organisation. It was smoothly organised and had great fun!

My local favourites were the Kaltenecker Archa, Bratislavský Ležiak 12° and Richtár Jakub’s house pilsner. Worst by far was the 7 Stern Chilli... damn, that chilli in beers thing must quickly be forgotten. Please?