RBESG 2013

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beers 8616 º places 233 º 02:05 Sat 1/5/2013

I think, there is time to discuss where/if European Summer Gathering will be organized.

There were some rumors during RBESG 2012, that maybe Bamberg could be the place for our gathering.

beers 7838 º places 293 º 02:07 Sat 1/5/2013

if it is in belgium, im up for hosting

beers 20411 º places 696 º 02:30 Sat 1/5/2013

Bamberg is... Bamberg
But I doubt that we have a strong ratebeerian there, to organize it.

Maybe fonefan (who goes there every second week ;-) can find a room for the Grand Tasting; then everything else will be organized remotely...

beers 6231 º places 152 º 02:49 Sat 1/5/2013

Hehe, Imro you really want this to happen, donít you? ;)

I hazily remember promising to think about hosting this yearís event in Bamberg if enough people were interested. A bit too early in the year for me to know if Iíll have time for it though.

beers 8616 º places 233 º 03:29 Sat 1/5/2013

Yes Jan, it would be nice :)
Anyway, itís not up to me where it will be. And as Alex mentioned, somebody has to be willing to organize it in Bamberg.
Let see which place we will choose.

beers 8616 º places 233 º 03:33 Sat 1/5/2013

Originally posted by kraddel
if it is in belgium, im up for hosting

There is no place defined yet. if you want to host event in Belgium, feel free to post proposal. If you decide to do it and need help, please BM me (I organized gathering last year in Bratislava).

I vote Stockholm, Barcelona or Helsinki as I have never been there..
Amsterdam could be cool.

Bamberg is nice, but LOTS of "the danes" have been there numerous times..

We cant have another RBESG with less than 3 danish participants :-)


beers 8616 º places 233 º 10:59 Wed 1/9/2013

We have some wants, but not potential organizer. It seems that this year itís more difficult to find organizer and place than last year. And last yer it took some time to decide.

beers 9331 º places 1564 º 12:00 Wed 1/9/2013


beers 726 º places 164 º 10:46 Fri 1/11/2013

It should be in a place which has a growing beer culture - so Barcelona or Dublin would be ideal IMO.

Barcelona is especially "awesome" at the moment...

Iíve recently been to Bamberg and, well, if you want to go there then go, but itís not a great place for a Ratebeer meeting as even there the beer scene is virtually non-existent. If you like over-sparged diacetyl lagers itís pretty good though.

beers 4601 º places 207 º 11:19 Fri 1/11/2013

Iím thinking about entering a proposal. Belgium and Netherlands. Border area. Not sure yet though, because Iím still considering how much time I actually have for this, and because Netherlands/Belgium will for sure be more expensive than the last rbesg.

Brings up the 1st question: would there be some interest in such a visit?
If yes, Iíll work out a proposal.