RBESG 2013

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03:42 Tue 2/12/2013

Can do it in finchampstead.

beers 25987 º places 403 º 03:47 Tue 2/12/2013

well if we dont get one this year, i’ll certainlt put a plan ogether for Edinburgh Next year.

edinburghs been getting better and Better

beers 20628 º places 1046 º 04:09 Tue 2/12/2013

Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
Can do it in finchampstead.

Works for me

beers 8935 º places 237 º 22:41 Mon 2/18/2013

No proposals for RBESG? Nobody willing to host/organize this event?

beers 6036 º places 274 º 23:59 Mon 2/18/2013

I’ll post a message in the local forums. Normally I would be willing to (co-)organise a Dutch/Belgian gathering but live in wine country now.

(Started (in Dutch, sorry) a post here: http://www.ratebeer.com/forums/rbesg_226219.htm)

beers 154 º places 9 º 07:05 Wed 2/20/2013

So here’s a proposal for the RBESG 2013: Netherlands!

Martinus and I asked around and there are enough Dutch Rateberians who want to help and make this a nice, beer-loaded weekend. And maybe some Belgium help as well. We suggest the weekend of June 28-29-30. Why? Because it’s in between some big festivals in May and the start of summer holiday. And there’s a nice small beerfestival in Tilburg on that sunday.
Just a quick scan of some ideas: a pubcrawl in Amsterdam, visiting some new places and a showcase of new dutch breweries like Butchers Tears, Rooie Dop, Oersoep, etc. A bus-tripp to the Dutch/Belgian border area, including visits to Emelisse, Dochter van de Korenaar, Scheldebrouwerij, etc. A grand tasting with bbq. A visit with tasting to the abbey of Koningshoeve (La Trappe) and visiting Tilburg including the small beerfestival.
These are just rough ideas, no breweries have been contacted yet.

So, let’s hear what you think about it. Shall we take this to a next level?

Cheers, Joris & Martinus

beers 6088 º places 313 º 07:58 Wed 2/20/2013

I just wish the Croatian brewing scene didn’t stagnate so much. Zagreb would be fun enough to do, but the options are still too damn limited, not that interesting and would require long bus trips.

Maybe it’ll get better once we join the EU - it would be easier to organize a day trip to, say, Ljubljana or something, which would help things.

beers 7491 º places 290 º 10:34 Wed 2/20/2013

Sounds great Joris! Let me know if I can help (e.g. for planning Amsterdam).

beers 17079 º places 628 º 10:50 Wed 2/20/2013

Joris & Martinus - that plan looks like it’s brewed with all the right beer ingredients.

I am a little surprised to not see ’t Ij mentioned - we’ve never been there (we’ve only had one beery trip to Amsterdam, but we loved it).

beers 8935 º places 237 º 11:02 Wed 2/20/2013

This sounds awesome. I think you can take this to next level. I hope others will also agree. If you need some help just BMail me.