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OK, Iíve been contacted recently by Theis and MartinT and they will both be here for Cherry Blossoms, so I was thinking to do another RateBeer Gathering in Japan and this seems like a good time to do it (how often do two people come from overseas at the same time and plan so far ahead?)

I am proposing the weekend of March 30/31st? Anyone significantly disagree?

Since we have already had one gathering, I think I have an idea of what to do. The most significant difference between last time and now is that so many breweries have opened up around Tokyo and hopefully by next March Watering Hole will be open, Devil Craft I doubt, Bay Brewing will be bigger, Thrashzone is bigger.

In any case, something like this, of course this schedule can be modified.

Friday March 29th
Grand Tasting - Depending on temperature we can do this outside, ie. behind my house, or in a park, or we could do at my place, if we have less than 15 people. Since I am 99% sure that overseas people will want to drink Japanese beers, I think all Japan RBers should pick up 2-3 bottles of top seasonal Japanese beers between now and the end of March (of course these should be beers that can last that long), in addition to bringing top beers from outside Japan. What do others think?

Sat March 30th
Tokyo Pub Crawl - I would focus on new places and by that time there might be a ton of new places. However, what I think we should do is have lunch at Chateau Kamiya with Brewery tour and then come back to Tokyo for the rest of the day. We could also tour Watering Hole Brewery and Brimmer Brewery.

Sunday March 31
Yokohama Pub Crawl - We could visit Thrashzone brewery, Bay Brewing. Yokohama could be somewhat less priority because I think everyone including people from overseas has been to most of the places. Only significant new places since 2009 are Bashamichi and El Nubichimon. Of course this day could be a combined Yokohama and Tokyo trip.

Another idea is to throw in a sake seminar or visit to sake pub, maybe on Sunday. Visitors from overseas might be interested to learn about this. I could probably arrange something if there is strong interest.

What do people think?


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All sounds good to me. Count me in, and I will start thinking about beers to bring. Maybe an excuse for another trip to Zakko.

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Good idea. Those guys do some crazy stuff and I never been there we could make a day of visiting breweries in the Kanto area, though it would be long between each brewery. Zakko and Chateau Kamiya would be awesome places to visit and hear from the brewers. Maybe that is a good Sunday venture, much more low key compared to a crazy pub crawl. Possibly get a van like last time, we could hit Zakko, Chateau Kamiya, Hitachino Nest (if people were interested). I was surprised I had a great beer from Romanchiku mura called Godfather on Tuesday night at CBM Jimbocho, though it is not listed on their website. Anyone had this?

Coedo is another brewery we could possibly hit.


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Just another thought for the Grand Tasting, if we wanted to crazy Japanese style, we could go to Ueno Park and do it outside as it is lit up until 11pm or so. It is cold and you canít see the beer so great after dark, but you are in the middle of the cherry blossoms, which is unique.

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Is there any festival around that time to coincide with this? It would be a good ticking event for people coming from abroad. If not, maybe you could arrange some kind of tasting event at one of the bigger bars--special prices on tasters or something.

Havenít seen the Godfather, though they had an IPA at Keyaki which I failed to try.

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@KyotoLefty There is feestival. Remember last year the one in Akihaba? You loved that one so much. I am sure you canít wait to go back, not.

Festivals shouldnít make or break it unless people just want to tick. As you know the quality at the festivals generally isnít too high. Tons of mediocre stuff and good beers here and there. MartinT already has the dates set (March 21- April 14th or something). I am also hoping Baggio will be able to make it back at that time, as he is doing an around the world tour.

If we load up on special seasonal beers, I bet a Grand Tasting would be great.


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Next trip to Japan is spring í13 but dunno about March 29th/30th/31st though. Great Plan Tim! :-)

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Iíve got a few good seasonal beers already. Will add a few more.

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So we just booked the planetickets.
We will arrive March 29th.....

Mette & Theis

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Ok, so the weekend of the 30/31st seems to work, but I guess we can check with MartinT if the weekend of April 6/7th also works. I am sure we can agree on one of those two weekends. I guess I will make a general announcement on RateBeer within the next couple weeks and I will make a listing under events.

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Originally posted by TimE
Just another thought for the Grand Tasting, if we wanted to crazy Japanese style, we could go to Ueno Park and do it outside as it is lit up until 11pm or so. It is cold and you canít see the beer so great after dark, but you are in the middle of the cherry blossoms, which is unique.

And you could hang out with all the hundreds of Homeless people who live in Ueno Park! But really, thatís a good idea. I need to make one of these events.