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beers 6275 º places 352 º 08:17 Mon 10/1/2012

Please note I’ve added an Events page and will likely make an announcement in the next couple days on the public forums. Please sign-up on the events page, as it will encourage others to do so.

beers 6275 º places 352 º 09:14 Mon 10/1/2012

If anyone is looking for accommodation, Rakuten is a great site and offers great deals. The Japanese version is even more extensive, but this is still a great site to find cheap hotels. http://travel.rakuten.com/

Staying between Tokyo station and Shibuya on the Yamanote line is the most convenient, however, slightly outside of that is fine and anywhere on the Yamanote line won’t be too bad.

I live at Tamachi station, which is really convenient to most places in Tokyo and easy access to Yokohama. If you want to stay in Tamachi, I would recommend http://tamachi.gracery.com/. Lots of websites offer deals on this place and you should easily find Doubles for under 9000 yen/room. Twins for probably under 10,000 yen/room.

beers 10155 º places 521 º 05:44 Wed 10/3/2012

Just saw this thread! My little family and I will be in Tokyo from March 21st to April 1st before moving on to more remote places in Japan, so the weekend of March 29th-31st is perfect for me. I will not be able to join everyone for all 3 days (family priorities), but will surely partake in one event/visit per day. Obviously the grand tasting, and the trip outside to Chateau Kamiya and Zakko would be awesome. Most people will be staying in Tokyo I presume, so Tokyo bars can be visited easily compared to the aforementioned events. At least, that’s how I see it right now.

KyotoLefty: We will be staying in Osaka for about a week around mid-April, so if you are available then I would be very happy to share a few pints with you anywhere in the area. I will have a Japan Rail Pass in effect, so I should be quite mobile too. We can talk about it in person during RBJG. :)

Thanks for organizing this, Tim!

beers 10155 º places 521 º 05:53 Wed 10/3/2012

Oh, and if the grand tasting can be done in the park as you have mentioned (no idea how easy and pleasant that could be though), it would definitely make it easier for me to bring wife and 3-year-old daughter. So that is one plus for me, if the weather is conducive to tastings obviously (no strong winds, etc.)

beers 9367 º places 1571 º 12:02 Wed 10/3/2012

sounds fantastic, I’m looking at making it over for a week and a half around this time.

beers 10810 º places 750 º 19:36 Wed 10/3/2012

Originally posted by 3fourths
sounds fantastic, I’m looking at making it over for a week and a half around this time.

Cool! Hope to see you!

beers 10155 º places 521 º 05:00 Thu 10/4/2012

It would be great to see there, Mike!

beers 9367 º places 1571 º 23:12 Thu 10/4/2012

things look good. going to make this happen. going to be a blast folks!

beers 6275 º places 352 º 04:48 Mon 10/8/2012

OK, I have a proposal for RBers in Japan. I was thinking it would be good to collect seasonal beers for the overseas RBers, so they can try some of the best products Japan has to offer for the Grand Tasting. What I propose, for simplicity sake, is that I buy beer from now until March and store it at my house and split the cost with local RBers. At the Grand Tasting, we can have two tables, one for Japanese craft beer and one for overseas craft beer. Overseas RBers get first crack at Japanese Craft Beer and Locals get first crack at anything from overseas. I know this is a bit of a controversial idea, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that locals can’t drink overseas beers and vice-versa, but simply that certain people get first chance at certain beers. I want to ensure that overseas people get to drink, and rate, some of the best Japan has to offer.

Also, the reason for me to suggest I buy the beer is because I am going to suggest using the Party Room on the 2nd Floor of my building for the Grand Tasting. I’ve never been in the Party Room, but it seems to hold up to 30 people and is equipped with a kitchen and I am sure has tables and chairs, so it should suit our needs without problem. It is 3000 yen/hour to rent, with a maximum usage of five hours and closes at 9pm. Given the expected number of people, it would be 1000-1500 yen/person for the usage, assuming we rent from 4pm-9pm. 9pm finish isn’t too bad if we are going on a tour the next day and some people may still have jet lag and be happy to get home at a reasonable hour. I can just chill all the Japanese beers at my place, put into a cooler and then take to the 2nd floor. My apartment is located at Tamachi station, which is on the Yamanote line between Shinagawa and Tokyo Station. It is convenient. http://shibaura-airtower.com/english/01_know.html

I’ve thought about some beers to pick up. I will pick up 660ml-1.1L of each beer depending on serving sizes. Some of the beers, I might pick up extra if I don’t think many RBers in Japan have tried the beer.

Potential list. Please add any ideas you might have.

Moku Moku
Barely Wine

Daisen G
Wheat Wine
Imp Stout

Shiga Kogen Various

Baird Various

Bierenmiester Various

Oh La Ho Porter

Aqula Bock, plus any interesting seasonals.

Of course, if local RBers see some beer that we think we need to have, please pick it up and it can go towards your contribution.


PS Was just trolling through Aqula’s website and saw what looks like a great poster for the Akita Prefecture Oktoberfest. http://www.aqula.co.jp/blog_aqula/

beers 106 º places 104 º 07:17 Mon 10/8/2012

if i am in tokyo i hope to get the chance to have a beer w/some out of town folk but i will just take the chance that i will run into someone because there are already way to many rules involved for me to enjoy having a beer.