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beers 15151 º places 115 º 07:14 Thu 11/8/2012

Sounds good Tim, I am ready for most of it.

beers 6131 º places 345 º 07:41 Thu 11/8/2012

After further thought for Sunday, I think we will skip Tama No Megumi. It is just too far from Zakko and although the beers are not bad and the place is kinda cool, its too much traveling.

Instead, we will
1) Do a little bit of our own hanami in Ogawa Machi, where Zakko is, if there is a really nice spot. I will be out at Zakko in a couple weeks, so I will ask them at that time. Especially if we have left over beer from the night before, this could be a great idea and it is a chance to do something traditionally Japanese.

2) We can come back to town, hit Vivo and then hit Watering Hole (either again, or skip it on Friday). We can get to Devil Craft fairly easily from Shinjuku or Yoyogi. Watering Hole opens at 3pm.


beers 52 º places 26 º 22:33 Mon 1/28/2013

"Grand Tasting - Depending on temperature we can do this outside, ie. behind my house, or in a park, or we could do at my place, if we have less than 15 people."
Geez, for a moment I thought I was logged into the gangbang forum by mistake.

beers 52 º places 26 º 22:39 Mon 1/28/2013

"Can you let us know what your packing?"
Oh God, here we go again.

Sounds ok but guys, you are only touching the tip of the (steady there) iceberg with even ALL of the places Tim has mentioned.
It’s seriously changing week by week.
I’d agree that tama no megumi, although one of my fav places to drink in the cherry blossom season, is miles away. The sake is bloody good too but the beers are a tad on the sfot side. pale ale being the best or the schwarz. I reccomend chateau kmaiya as the brewer was a molecular biologist and loves to experiment with the yeast. he’s also jammy enough to have a boss who tells him he can brewer anything he wants to. The all you can drink deal is exactly that, a deal. Its a place where drinkers can drink and tickers might feel frustrated, as it’s one price. the place is family friendly and the grounds are lovely.
Osaka has exploded recently, craft choice wise. Kyoto has a few small but reasonably solid places.
Id say if you had to choose, to skip Koba. nothing special there and I’ve hit all the places bar one, I think. Rokko still kind of sucks ass and the attitude of the owner is IMO not something I want to support. He’s not exactly stringent on sanitation or making efforts to improve his beer.
Anyway, lots more gossip for those who care to listen to a drunk Welshman!
It’s really exciting, living here in Japan. So many new bars, so many new breweries, so many new festivals! The only negative being the price and the fact that I only have the one liver. Yokohama is worht a trip. Thrash zone defintely. Their sad but true is wroth a special mention. They make at least 3 special beers that you will NOT find anywhere else. I mean ANY WHERE. Not even another bar. Soon, they will do a collaborative brew with Avery that should be interesting.
Man, i need to rate more often. I only just noticed this thread and event.
p.s. if you hit Bashamichi, there is a certain wleshman who gets treated like shit behind the bar fridays and sat who can help you out but make sure you get him to serve you as no one else will give you free tasters, if no one is looking. wink wink.
This text box is tiny and I cant see if ive made my usual thousand typos. Depending on the weather, this is a great timne to visit.
p.s. dont forget, there may/may not be a homebrewers’ hanami in the park around this time of year. The best homebrewers in Japan (which is basically the best in Asia) bring their beers out for a cherry blossom piss up in the park. Best beer event of the year for many.
I’ll probably bring some suds along too. a few of these homebrewers are or are about t o turn pro. Even though homebrewing is technically illegal here, we have a thriving community.

beers 52 º places 26 º 22:57 Mon 1/28/2013

This thread is making me thirsty!

beers 52 º places 26 º 23:02 Mon 1/28/2013

p.s. i should have almost the whole of march off and the start of april so might be up for a trip down south, osaka stylee.
Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing for you guys.
please, pelase ask us if you have any questions about beer or even culture etc. If we dont know the answer, chances are we know someone who does and also if you fancy company on a beer jaunt, stay in touch. We or others we know are often happy to have company on our regular drinking jaunts across town. I’m absolutely fine hitting 8 or more bars in one night. Youd have to wait a moment for me to swallow my pint in each one though. you ticker speed demons!
The ratebeer record in a few days is about 473 bars and about 347,000 different beers, managed by Gazza in the last Japan meet up.
He was a bloody scooping machine.

beers 89 º 19:01 Wed 2/6/2013

Hi all,
I am new here and have couple Qs.
Firstly is this an open event?
And also, since i will be in Japan during this time, I was wondering if any of you have been to the Asia Beer Cup?
I saw that first before i saw this forum and was eager to attend it. But this just seems to good to pass as i was thinking of making my way around breweries across Japan on my trip.



beers 6131 º places 345 º 04:25 Thu 2/7/2013

Hi Julio

This is an open event so you are more than happy to join.

I was contacted recently by the organizer of the Asia Beer Cup to see if we wanted to join with them. Unfortunately, it would dramatically alter the current plan and I thought we would keep this in standard RateBeer Gathering Format, ie. Grand Tasting. That said, we may join up with some of the people at the Asia Beer Cup.

I think RBJG will give you a chance to taste some very rare Japanese beers and visit some cool places. Please let me know if you can attend RBJG as I am going to need to reserve places.


beers 89 º 14:08 Thu 2/7/2013

Hi Tim,
That is awesome!
I will touch down in Osaka on the 28th or March in the morn.
Will head up to Tokyo some time during the day.
So yes i would definitely like to attend.
Looking forward to this!



beers 6131 º places 345 º 16:09 Thu 2/7/2013

Please put your name down here. http://www.ratebeer.com/event/18780/

It would be great if you can bring some special beers from Oz for the Grand Tasting. You can get a sense of what people are bringing here http://www.ratebeer.com/forums/bottle-list-for-rbjg_218815.htm