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beers 9161 º places 292 º 08:35 Wed 10/3/2012

Yes, like John said, we are getting group rates on the hotel and you can split that cost with another person (at the last WG, I just asked in the thread who was going and found a roommate easily). Combined with the sponsors, this is going to be really affordable.

The bus tour package may also include dinner at the grand tasting catered in, and may even end up being a little cheaper than quoted, as we’re still finding more and more sponsors.


beers 9161 º places 292 º 08:47 Wed 10/3/2012

As a recap, here is the information so far

Platinum Sponsors:
Grassroots Natural Market
Intuition Aleworks

Gold Sponsors:
Green Room Brewing
Orchid Island Brewing
Gravity Brewbar

With beer at the various events from:
Intuition Aleworks
Green Room
Orchid Island
Gravity Brewbar
Funky Buddha
Bold City
7venth Sun
St. Somewhere
Golden Horn
The Abbey

We are working with the following to get beer as well:
Proof Brewing Company
Pinglehead/Brewer’s Pizza
Seven Bridges
Engine 15
Cigar City
Big Storm
Three Palms
Tampa Bay Brewing Company
Barley Mow
Cold Storage - Florida Avenue

...and probably more. This is going to be insane.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 09:50 Wed 10/3/2012

Yeah we’re going to need more people if all that beer is coming, otherwise Kickbacks will have the best tap list in the country for a month.

beers 9161 º places 292 º 10:48 Wed 10/3/2012

Originally posted by GT2
Yeah we’re going to need more people if all that beer is coming, otherwise Kickbacks will have the best tap list in the country for a month.

...what’s wrong with that?! Haha!

In all seriousness, not all of those breweries, for legal reasons, will be able to have their beer on tap at Kickback’s. The Grand Tasting is almost surely going to be held at Intuition Aleworks at this point, and several will be on tap there. Most of the breweries said they will be sending up small kegs, so that’ll help.

Local breweries will be serving their beers and special batches for the bus tour as opposed to Kickback’s or the Grand Tasting. Some of the kegs, if we have too many for Kickback’s and the Grand Tasting, will be shared on the bus(es) an beach time.

beers 9161 º places 292 º 10:49 Wed 10/3/2012

Event listing:

Also, I’m sure more people will come. I know of several that haven’t marked themselves on that event listing yet, including some locals and local business owners, etc. that plan to come to a couple of the events.

beers 12550 º places 2 º 14:14 Wed 10/3/2012

Hotel update-we have 2 hotels with ’RateBeer Winter Gathering’ Group Rates, 1 basic & 1 upscale. Both are in the Riverwalk District about 3 miles from our Welcome Dinner and Grand Tasting. The shuttle we have lined up will get us (and your beer) to and from both events:

*Upscale-Wyndham regularly $115+ our rate $84+. Parking fee will be 50% off too. Breakfast included-if quad, there’s a slight additional charge.

*Basic-Extended Stay America regularly $65+ our rate $62+. Parking is free. Breakfast NOT included.

cheers john

why didn’t I think of stupid sponsorships!!!

beers 5450 º places 209 º 14:49 Wed 10/3/2012

Looks like a killer event already and we’re still four months out!

beers 7895 º places 638 º 17:11 Wed 10/3/2012

Looking good, I’m going to try to make it.

beers 9161 º places 292 º 17:43 Wed 10/3/2012

sledutah, I was hoping to see you again!