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beers 5909 º places 415 º 09:57 Fri 10/5/2012

Hi guys, I’m about to do my first whole grain batch and would appreciate your feedback.

Estimated OG: 1051
Estimated FG: 1016

4.5 lbs Marris Otter
3.5 lbs Pearl Malt
1 lb Crystal 45 L
1 lb Flaked corn

60 minutes 1.5 oz EKG 5% leaf
15 minutes 1.5 oz EKG 5% leaf
5 minutes 1 oz Fuggles 4.5% leaf
5 minutes 1 oz EKG 5% leaf

Wyeast 1968 London ESB

Single step infusion @ 154 F for 60 minutes

60 minute boil.

I wanted to keep my first recipe simple, but I turned to this ESB because I had some already crushed MO and Crystal lying around (I used to do partial mashes with a BIAB technique). I’m curious as to whether or not I should go for a 75 min boil, if my mash temp is right, and if I should add some chalk and gypsum to the mix seeing my water here is pretty soft.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

beers 12 º places 3 º 10:02 Fri 10/5/2012

Your FG is a little high. Why are you using corn? Because your FG should be lower with it. And do a 90 minute boil. Just get a little more when you sparge to make up for it. And maybe up the EKG to 2 oz instead of 1.5. What is your efficiency?

beers 5909 º places 415 º 10:19 Fri 10/5/2012

Thats what I thought. The FG is the result from beercalculus, but I’ve had 1968 attenuate a lot more than 69% when brewing extract/partial mash brews. The corn is there for easy sugar, should I just remove it? Thanks for the tip on the boil time, I thought maybe an ESB would call for a longer boil. I don’t really know what my efficiency is as this is going to be my first run on my new equipment, the calculator used 75%.

beers 12 º places 3 º 10:49 Fri 10/5/2012

If you drop down to 152, you will get enough out of your mash. Are you doing a batch or fly sparge? I do batch, and key is to stir up the mash again and let it rest and do a vorlouf again after draining it the first time. Regularly get in the high 80s for my efficiency doing that.

beers 5909 º places 415 º 11:13 Fri 10/5/2012

Yep, going to batch sparge. I’ll follow your recommendations too, makes sense.

beers 2093 º places 50 º 10:59 Mon 10/8/2012

Simple sugar is fine, but I’d recommend dropping the corn, too. Lots of commercial English ales include cane sugar, brown cane sugar or molasses, all of which enhance the fruity ale esters, but corn isn’t true-to-style.

12:03 Mon 10/8/2012

Recipe looks just fine. A little more complex than it needs to be, but fine none-the-less. Agreed that the FG will be lower than 1.016. That is all.

beers 5909 º places 415 º 18:11 Mon 10/8/2012

Brewed this today, everything went rather smoothly and I was satisfied with my brewday. I ended up with less beer than expected (about 4 gallons without the trub] but I’ll work on waste on my next batches. Thanks for your input.

beers 2165 º places 63 º 19:55 Mon 10/8/2012

Originally posted by JulienHuxley
The FG is the result from beercalculus.

That is probably the least trustworthy number from beercalculus. I tend to ignore it.

beers 5909 º places 415 º 19:30 Wed 10/24/2012

Tasted out of the fermenter today, probably going to bottle this friday. Color is a little light, gold/dark gold color, very clear. Aroma is grainy with just a touch of vegetal english hops, right where I wanted it. Taste is equally nice, can’t wait for this one to be bottled and carbed. Measured OG: 1054 FG: 1014

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