Restaurant beer sales up 9% in 2011

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beers 2596 º places 106 º 16:25 Wed 2/29/2012

That’s a pretty big increase but it’s also the case that the continuing US economic recovery contributing to restaurants also growing in 2011.

The Beer Institute today released new data that show that value of beer sales in restaurants rose more than 9 percent in 2011 totaling about $23.6 billion in sales.

With restaurants responsible for nearly 24 percent of total beer sales in 2011, they represented the largest share of the on-premise sales last year. Beer retail sales in restaurants jumped from $21.6 billion in 2010 to nearly $23.6 billion in 2011.

“Restaurants are having an enormous impact in introducing the many great brands of beer to consumers,” says Joe McClain, President of the Beer Institute.
“Restaurant patrons are trying new brands and styles on draft and bringing that new brand loyalty to off-premise retail channels. The boost in restaurant beer sales shows there is a beer for every palate.”
The boost in restaurant beer sales coincides with a period of growth in the restaurant industry.

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beers 14 º places 26 º 17:12 Wed 2/29/2012

good news, hopefully prices won’t increase 9% as well ;)

beers 1912 º places 96 º 18:25 Wed 2/29/2012

yeah I bet if you normalized that number to restaurant growth/sales in general the 9% would be even higher.

places 10 º 18:46 Wed 2/29/2012

Wonder how much of that is craft beer.

beers 6355 º places 233 º 18:49 Wed 2/29/2012

This makes sense in a stagnant economy. People are looking for more realistic forms of entertainment. Eating out is one of those.

I used to enjoy eating out until my recent stint of eating three meals a day out for 18 straight days.

beers 7133 º places 142 º 18:58 Wed 2/29/2012

Couldn’t this just mean that beer prices have gone up 9% in the last year and not that volume sales are any higher? Realistically I think it’s a combination of higher prices and sales that give the 9% number. In a down economy, I would think people would be more likely to drink at home given the tremendous markups on alcohol served at restaurants and bars. Then again, I was never that social .