Return of the Fan݆Summer Slumber party

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10:14 Mon 2/6/2012

Originally posted by Christian
Originally posted by FrumptyDumpty
Any more beer style suggestions? Right now we have quad, keller beer, marzen, spiced saison. If not we can pick which of those we want. Also for food we have decided to make FanÝ burgers! For those who never got to try or see one it is a hamburger stuffed with cheese and then served between 2 grilled cheese sandwhiches as the bun. Toppings often include cheese, bacon, lettuce, ect ect.

No bacon inside the burger??? Whatís up with that?

Oh itís there alright

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Any style will do, as long as it has brett in it !!!

02:30 Thu 2/9/2012

Whats Brett?

beers 13256 º places 252 º 03:52 Thu 2/9/2012

Who is Brett?

beers 16768 º places 383 º 04:30 Thu 2/9/2012

Where is Brett?

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06:06 Sat 2/11/2012

Ok so will leave the style suggestions going till end of Feb. Then we can pick. Funny to see so far we have what 2 beglian and 3 lager?

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Iíll add Flanders Red to the list... =D

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Cream Ale. We need a good one!

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