RIP Steve Huxley

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beers 9493 º places 1576 º 12:55 Thu 10/29/2015

Goodbye to Steve Huxley who passed away today after his battle with cancer. I met Steve through my friend Bernat while visiting Barcelona in 2011. He was a spirited individual who lived a remarkable life, and quite literally wrote the book on brewing in Catalunya. His "Un manual para cervesiáfilos" influenced and guided many of today’s successful Spanish microbreweries.

beers 5676 º places 401 º 12:57 Thu 10/29/2015

RIP Steve. My condolences to his family and friends.
This a great lost for spanish and specially catalan craft beer scene.
We already miss you Steve!
Today we will drink in your honour!

beers 1490 º places 272 º 13:34 Thu 10/29/2015


I love gentle souls.

beers 6219 º places 450 º 13:47 Thu 10/29/2015

Aye, would have loved to meet the guy.

beers 3178 º places 117 º 14:17 Thu 10/29/2015

RIP Steve. Without you the Catalan (and Spanish) craft beer scene would be very different from what it is today. Thank you very much.

beers 3376 º places 344 º 15:54 Thu 10/29/2015

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Love that pic!