Roma High school visit

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beers 17195 º places 612 º 02:56 Mon 6/12/2017

I am going to Rome in march 2018 with 20 high school students (18 years of age) and does anybody know if its possible to vist one of the small breweries i Rome? We dont want to go to Peroni.


02:34 Tue 6/13/2017

I think is absolutely possible, just ask them in advance.

beers 30304 º places 3522 º 06:03 Tue 6/13/2017
beers 7142 º places 559 º 09:08 Tue 6/13/2017

Birstro is a small bistro-brewpub in a so-so part of town. It’s not so large, just one big room with a glassed-off brewing area.