Russian River trip Wed 4 18

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beers 4228 º places 123 º 11:42 Tue 4/17/2012

I am planning on being at Russian River tomorrow 4 18 right after they open at 11AM to try a couple new brews that are on draft and picking up some bottles for a couple friends. If you are around I will probably be at RR for a couple hours. I will wear a Kern River Brewing cap so I stand out a little for those who live in the area that I have not met.

beers 3207 º places 116 º 11:54 Tue 4/17/2012

Too much work to make it over, but hope you have a good trip, Richard!

beers 4228 º places 123 º 21:39 Tue 4/17/2012

Always a great time at RR especially with two new brews to rate and Beatification to get for friends