Sainsbury’s beer festival???

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beers 2785 º places 169 º 07:23 Fri 7/31/2009

A little while ago I read that Sainsbury’s would be hosting a "beer festival", selling the following bottled beers:

Williams Bros Birds n’ Bees
Brew Dog Hardcore IPA
Allgates Brewery Porteresque
Bath Ales Golden Hare
Williams Bros 80/- Ale
Wolf Brewery Woild Moild
Brew Dog Dogma
Greene King Bretwalda
Bays Brewery Bays Breaker
Hambledon Ales Taylor’s Tipple
Wood Brewery Shropshire Lass
Williams Bros Williams IPA
Wolf Brewery Wolf Whistle
Brew Dog Chaos Theory

The festival was supposed to run from mid-July to the end of August. However, I’ve yet to see any of the beers in my local Sainsbury’s. Does anyone know if the festival has been postponed/cancelled, or do I simply need to go out of my way to one of their megastores (ie has anyone seen these beers popping up in their local Sainsbury’s?).



beers 5592 º places 50 º 07:32 Fri 7/31/2009

I havnt seen them either.

Give the guyz at brewdog an email and see if they know anything further.

beers 3706 º places 124 º 08:32 Fri 7/31/2009

I work in sainsburys part time on BWS, and I have not seen them either. However they are pushing coder at the moment.

beers 1234 º places 56 º 11:29 Fri 7/31/2009

My understanding is that some beers were to be placed in selected stores during July with a rollout of the final 16 nationally through August and September

beers 1234 º places 56 º 04:28 Wed 8/5/2009

Latest gen I have is to expect a national rollout from Monday 17th August

06:42 Wed 8/5/2009

Instore as of 26th August and will run for 3 weeks.

Watch out for Hardcore IPA, Dogma and Chaos Theory.

I think this will be the first time a double IPA has been listed in a UK supermarket.

Of the 15 beers 2 will get national listings, these will be the 2 which sell the most during the Beer Festival so snap up those BrewDogs!

James, BrewDog

beers 1298 º places 14 º 07:47 Wed 8/5/2009

James, any idea how much Sainsburys are going to be pumping your beers out at? Any multi buys etc?

beers 106 º 10:14 Wed 8/5/2009

Does anyone remember about 5/6 years ago Sainsburys used to have an excellent beer selection especially around christmas.

Looks really interesting. Can’t wait to pick them up, hopefully our Sainsburys will take part.

beers 2 º places 2 º 13:09 Wed 8/5/2009

In supermarket related news, the huge Tesco near me has stopped selling Orval by the looks of things

It’s no longer available for delivery on their website so it doesn’t appear to be a temporary shortage. Just more Duvel filling the shelf it once sat on <sigh>

Anyone else noticed this recently?

beers 2785 º places 169 º 08:02 Fri 8/7/2009

Thanks everyone, especially James for getting his response in before I got around to emailing him! James - don’t worry, it was the Brewdogs I was wanting to buy anyway! Maybe the Wolf mild too...

What’s everyone else fancy out of this lot...?