Sake and Sushi Pairing

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Originally posted by KyotoLefty
Was there even some attempt to match the temperature of the sake with the dish?

I’m not surprised about no real attempt at pairing. I’ve never seen that done on such a level. One thing I do see a lot is genshu paired with game, since it is stronger. Too bad it was Ozeki. It’s crap.

The cold sakes they gave us with the first course which was the live uni, live giant clam and live scallops. The hot sake was just the crap that comes in a bladder in a box and is heated through a machine and came with the soup and main courses. The iced sake came with some fresh fruit (watermelon, oranges, pineapple). The fortified sakes were served alone after the food.

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They haven’t a clue!

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Well I wouldn’t give up on sake. Or pairing it with food.

It is important to understand that Sake does not possess a single flavor profile but rather has an incredibly diverse range, from sweet to dry, fruity to floral, bold to elegant, earthy to herbal, and much more. There are many different types of Sake, such as Junmai, Nigori, Koshu, Honjozo, Ginjo and more. Sake has at least as much complexity as wine, and more in some respects, possessing twice as many aromatic esters as wine. That means Sake has the potential for twice as many aromas than wine, and aroma plays a significant role in flavor.

That is from the article I read that got me excited about tasting sake. =)

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I definitely enjoy sake (even if I know almost nothing about it).

This sake/sushi dinner was a mixed bag. In the end, I got to eat some amazingly good sushi even if the accompanying sake was lackluster.

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Shit, I was talking to my wife today about it and I think I haven’t been out for sushi in about 3 years! Ha! Could that be possible? I almost always go out to beery places (or Italian or French) lately, and almost none of these do much sushi. I eat bits and pieces of it all the time, of course, but the last time to actually go out just for sushi was probably when we went to Kanazawa in 2010. Sushi in Kyoto is either not that great or super expensive, so I don’t really bother here. Makes me want to take a trip to the Sea of Japan. Or better yet, Hokkaido.

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I don’t think I could go 3 weeks without sushi, let alone 3 years.

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I found that belgian beers (preferably farmhouse types or even Chimay) go very well with sushi. I usually get rolls with lots of ingredients in them so maybe sushimi is different. I don’t often get saki but when I get it with sushi I look for a dryer one. It seems to pair well WHILE you are eating. If you drink it before you eat, it’s not that great. But I still prefer beer with sushi. I can’t remember the last time I had it without beer :)