Sam’s 5th annual Imperial Stout tasting

Reads 8160 • Replies 77 • Started Monday, November 28, 2011 4:35:39 PM CT

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16:35 Mon 11/28/2011

It’s that time of year again; let’s try to nail down a date. I’d say any Saturday in January or February is open. Everyone who wants to attend is welcome; price of admission is one bottle of imperial stout. The goal is to have as much variety as possible, so once we set a date, I’ll start another Google spreadsheet to try to eliminate duplicates.

So chime in if there are any Saturdays in Jan or Feb that DON’T work for you.

beers 9628 º places 335 º 17:07 Mon 11/28/2011

I’d love to make it! It will be tough but who knows.

beers 5477 º places 215 º 17:19 Mon 11/28/2011

I don’t know if the hangover is gone from last year...

17:27 Mon 11/28/2011

Really? The walk home with a keg on your shoulder didn’t sober you up? By the way, I promise to have every kind of sanke on hand, just in case.

21:38 Mon 11/28/2011

Headed to PDX sometime in those 2 months but we’ll be scheduling around this. Already digging in the cellar and looking for some interesting trades to get stocked up.

21:56 Mon 11/28/2011

The first two weekends of February would work best for Steffie and I

beers 24 º 06:06 Tue 11/29/2011

Looking forward to it! Nice meeting you at the Hair of the Dog tasting and we’re excited for another fun tasting. Virtually any Saturday works.

13:28 Tue 11/29/2011

First weekend of February is no good for me and Arwen. Possible January conflicts as well but less likely. Have some fun bottles (I think) in store as soon as the spreadsheet goes up. Thanks, Sam. Cheers all!

17:12 Tue 11/29/2011

Alright. I’m going to tentatively schedule this for Feb. 25th. If anyone can’t make it, let me know as soon as possible. The other possible date would be the last Saturday in January (the 28th), but for now let’s say Feb 25th.

18:32 Tue 11/29/2011
23:41 Tue 11/29/2011

Count me in, I think. My boss is pretty hard to deal with for days off (not!) but with that much notice, I might be able to arrange the date. Just hope I have my license back by then or it’s gonna be a long walk.

Jeez, ya know the last time I was in Boise was for the ’10 tasting? Eric, if you show up, bring a sharpie to mark your glass!