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Hello gang,

I'm planning a San Diego trip for the end of August and would like some insight from locals and others that have visited as well. This is a last hurrah kind of trip for me with my family and beer before going to Afghanistan for a while. We are traveling early on the 26th from Tucson(6 and a half hours) and will be stopping at Alpine on the way. We are staying in Ocean Beach so I'm sure we will have dinner at Pizza Port one night. The 27th or 28th will be the days I'll be doing "beer" things. On the 29th I'll be driving up to Anaheim for a baseball game hitting Stone and Lost Abbey on the way. I'll have my 4 year old daughter with me so brewpubs are a plus, but cabbing to and from bars is not out of the question. So with one day of all beer stuff in San Diego, where should I definitely go? Any input on family stuff to do as well? Thanks and cheers!!

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Make sure you hit Sea Trader Liquor & Deli while at Ocean Beach. They are a little pricy, but they have a lot of stuff we don't get in Tucson. Also Societe Brewing and O'Briens are about a mile apart.

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Don't forget to hit up north park... Numerous places for good beer and food.

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Fata, what day and time are you rolling through Alpine? I live in Alpine and if I am available, I will meet you there and buy you a beer or two. Thanks for your service. It is the least I can do. Cheers!

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Olive Tree in OB has a great beer selection (bottles).

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I'll be sure to check that out!

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I would try to get to PP Carlsbad, Toronado, Hamilton's and Churchill's if you have time. Hamilton's and Churchill's may be a bit much with a little one, but they are great places.