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Hello gang,
... On the 29th Iíll be driving up to Anaheim for a baseball game hitting Stone and Lost Abbey on the way...

If youíre considering stopping before the game after youíve gotten to Orange County, you could hit Pizza Port San Clemente as you come up I-5. Closer to the stadium, Bruery Provisions in Orange is close by. A lot depends upon how much time you have before the game.

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Iíll be sure to check that out!

Yeah, itís REALLY milky.

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there are literally too many breweries in the county to count these days. I would highly recommend you check out a few breweries in the miramar/scripts ranch area, namely, Societe, Hess, Alesmith, Ballast Point, Green Flash. If you brew, checking out the White Labs tap room is essential. These are all within 5 miles of each other. If you take your daughter to legoland I promise you she will love you forever.

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And screw you, auto correct.

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Donít drive to Aneheim, Stone and Lost Abbey are not really íon the way.í Instead, go to PP in Solana Beach, catch the Coaster accross the street, and take it directly to the stadium. Bring a bottle or two for the ride, or enjoy one from the bar car. There are a couple ok beer selections at the stadium, priced better than at most other stadiums. Be sure you donít miss the last train back to SD.

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at the ballgame, micros can be found where described in this articl