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Hi All,

I will be traveling to Seattle with the GF and her family sometime in early July. As Iíve never been to the Pacific Northwest, Iím looking for some awesome brewpubs, breweries, and just great local food spots that are "must stops."

Everything is pretty tentative as of right now, but I figured Iíd throw this out there early to get some solid feedback. All recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Cheers & Regards,

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If you stay downtown, take a short bus ride, car trip, whatever, up to the Fremont, Greenlake, and Wallingford areas. Those three neighborhoods include: Bottleworks, Big Star Beer Market, Brouwers, Naked City, and Uber, amongst other places,e.g. Hales, Fremont Brewing Co., etc.

All of the places Iíve mentioned can easily be visited in one afternoon, without you having to worry about getting around in a timely fashion. Also, I wouldnít slight the QFC at the University Village shopping center; they have a fairly extensive selection. I visit the QFC frequently, and Iím never let down.

Head to West Seattle, and pay a visit to The Beer Junction. They have a spectacular new space off of California Street, and thereís even parking in the back lot. They also have a nice set of taps, which they, previously, did not have. Also, thereís Beveridge Place Pub, which has a fairly nice atmosphere and selection.

If you make it out to Redmond, thereís Malt and Vine, but if you go there on a weekday, donít go during rush hour. Iím not too well aware of bars, or other beer destinations they have out there, other than a Whole Foods, which has a fairly decent selection.

If youíre only going to be downtown, Iíd say Elysian and Pike are your two best brewery choices. In terms of bottle shops, thereís a small deli that is fairly nondescript actually at Pike Place Market, that, in my opinion, offers a wonderful, calculated selection for the out-of-towner.

Capitol Hill includes a QFC with a badass selection, as well as Stumbling Monk.

Others may have more, that is - better, recommendations, but these are the places I frequent, so have fun, while visiting. If youíre at Uber on Friday night, Iíll be there.

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Yes to Beer Junction for sure if you want to look for good local stuff in bottles. Morgan, the owner can guide you to some nice local brews that fit into your favorite styles. May be closed Monday and Tuesday if I recall correctly, so check first.

Hair of the Dog brews are around in bottles and are sought after outside the region. I think Adam is unique, and does not make it out of the Pacific Northwest much. Sample Blue Dot DIPA if you can because it separates itself from the crowd of pretty well.

Georgetown Brewing has Lucille, which is tap only local IPA that many locals swear by. Iím not one of them, but I understand the attraction if you like big, aromatic IPAs.

I do like Pike downtown for their stout and Belgian triple, not so much their other brews.

Collins Pub near Pioneer Square has a lot of good stuff on tap.

Have fun.

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Holy shit. Thanks for the depth here guys. Great feedback to work from. Makes me look forward to the trip that much more.

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Make sure to check out my hood too. Ballard neighborhood, just north of downtown. Check out the following bars:

Noble Fir - great small appetizers and about 15+ taps

and right across the street is:

Urban Family Public House - 15+ taps, not much food, if any. Taps are usually good with some Belgian ones usually and awesome NW IPAs (like Boneyard)

Make sure to also check out The Peopleís Pub - german centric bar, with great food (including great German fare) and about 15 taps of German and NW beer. Awesome happy hour prices and options.

Also moving into the neighborhood soon just a short walk from both of these on Market St will be The Kangaroo & Kiwi. Theyíll have probably over 20 taps, and some pretty good grub.

These are pretty damn good "beer geek" bar/restaurant lover options, but there are other places that have beer but donít cater specifically to the beer geek crowd. Stick to the above places predominantly.

Also, another epic beer bar on highway 99 / Aurora just north of 73rd is Uber Tavern. Be sure to check that out. Not too far away from there, a little further west is Greenwood and you can hit up The Yard, Naked City or even 74th St Alehouse.

But the biggest recommendation is in Fremont and CheersMate already mentioned it, but definitely didnít highlight it. Brouwers. You absolutely need to go to Brouwers. Amazing food, 60 something taps, over 300 bottles of some pretty ridiculous stuff including vintage stuff and just the coolest bar youíll walk into in the area, and possibly the world (at least according to RateBeer and BeerAdvocate who consistently rank it amongst the top 10 beer bars/restaurants in the world)

Hope this helps!


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Originally posted by CheersMate
If you make it out to Redmond, thereís Malt and Vine, but if you go there on a weekday, donít go during rush hour. Iím not too well aware of bars, or other beer destinations they have out there, other than a Whole Foods, which has a fairly decent selection.

Black Raven is out in Redmond, too ( You can probably find Trickster, Totem, and some of their others in Seattle, but sometimes they have things available in bottles to go. I think theyíve done bottles of Wisdom Seeker (imperial ipa), Coco Jones (coconut porter), Schwartzeit (schwarzbier), and Pour Les Oiseaux (wine barrel aged saison w/ brett). When they do release bottles, it seems to be announced on the website. They also do some pretty interesting one-off casks on Wednesdays.

I also third Beer Junction if you get over to West Seattle. My girlfriend lives right around the corner from there, so I find myself there pretty frequently. Morgan is very knowledgeable and helpful, and the new location is really nice (selection and ambiance). Elliott Bay ( is a brewpub located a block away from Beer Junction. Beveridge Place Pub is a fun place to hang out for a while. It has shuffleboard, pool, darts, and several tvs in one room, while an adjacent room housing the bar is devoid of all other distractions but the company youíre with (and the other patrons). Kokoraís ( is right across the street and has awesome Greek food that you can either eat there or take to-go with you over to Beveridge Place.

If you wind up going to Greenwood area for Naked City, Iíd also recommend checking out The Yard (, beer list is outdated and/or not seeming to work), especially if itís a nice day. Itís about two blocks south of Naked City. Chuckís, a mini-mart/bottle shop with taps is also about a half-mile away and has a good selection of bottles and taps. Their Facebook ( is more up-to-date than the website (

How early in July are you coming? If youíre in town over Fourth of July weekend, Seattle International Beer Festival is over that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - Taplister ( can also be a good resource for some bars while in town.

Lastly, get in touch if youíll have some free time and want to grab a beer while in town!

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Great, thanks again for all the recommendations. Ill def let you know if Iím available for a beer, right now the plans are still in the works. Cheers.